TechSmith SnagIt 2020 New Features for Marketers

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TechSmith SnagIt 2020 New Features for Marketers

In this product review, I look at two new features in TechSmith SnagIt 2020 that marketers and content creators will find very handy: templates for images and video from images. If you’re a content creator, you’ll get a lot of value out of both features for creating instructional content for webinars, presentations, your website, and anywhere you can post animated GIFs and PDFs. Watch the video for a demo of how fun these new features are.

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FTC Disclosure: My company, Trust Insights, is a TechSmith affiliate; we receive a small percentage of the purchase price as a commission and thus I indirectly financially benefit. TechSmith also provided a review copy free of cost for me to create this video.

TechSmith SnagIt 2020 New Features for Marketers

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The final product example shown in the video looks like this:

Demonstration video

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In today’s episode I want to show off a couple of the new features that are in the news release of tech Smith’s snag it.

The 2020 edition, full disclosure, my company is a tech Smith affiliate.

So if you buy something from us, we receive a small but non zero commission as part of that purchase.

So FTC disclosure get that out of the way.

snag it if you’re not familiar is image capture software it takes it helps you take better screenshots at least that’s what it used to be.

Now it’s evolving much more to being a really a full documentation and tutorial tool.

So if you are in marketing and you are doing anything like online courses, online classes, webinars, slide decks for presentations, the what’s in the tool that’s been added is going to be absolutely invaluable to you for making better, more professional teaching materials, and for doing it faster.

So if you’ve got a course on like, I don’t know, Google ads or Facebook ads or whatever, you’re going to find this tool absolutely essential.

So let’s go ahead and flip over here we’re going to take a look at the interface, if you’re not familiar is relatively unchanged, except for this little new Create button.

And that’s what we’re going to focus focus on today.

The other stuff, all pretty typical things.

So in create, there’s two new options.

One is an image from a template and one is video from images.

So, let’s uh, let’s do a little bit of work here.

I’m going to just do a silly serious here.

Let’s take a couple screenshots of my website.

And here, and just for good measure, click on here so I’ve got three images in my My tray my doc here.

Let’s first go and create image from a template.

And you can see there’s all these different nice little things, preset templates, you can create more, you can download more, things like that, I’m gonna do a basic three steps portrait tutorial.

Let’s go to full size here.

And let’s go to actual size.

How to buy my book, like really silly, right you get you get the idea where this is going, drag and drop one, drag and drop to drag and drop three had your captions.

And I’ve got a very nice, very straightforward template for documenting steps.

super powerful.

Again, great if you want to create handouts for talks, things like that.

And then as you can, as you saw in the chooser, there’s a bunch of different layouts and if you are subscribed to their service, you can download free ones and paid ones as well.

Let’s take a look at just a couple of selections, frames, comparisons, multipurpose, you’re doing a course.

Right? Yeah, have some certificates, you can drag and drop people’s stuff in, you do have to pay for some of these.

So just know that there is if you want the the free ones, you have to just click on free, you’ll find that there’s not a whole, there’s not a ton there, right? That’s zero cost, but there are some, the basics.

So that’s the template in part, this one, creating a video from images, I think is going to be a real winner for many of us who are doing this kind of work.

Let’s select those three images again.

Like video from images, and we’re going to drag change the order.

There we go.


Now what you do here, let’s hit record.

And this is essentially gonna be doing voiceover work.

And we’ll start at the beginning and say you need to Scroll down.

And then you find this year.

And then you scroll down.

Right? very silly, very, very silly.

Let’s go ahead and hit stop.

And what this does is it renders this into a video, you can see with the animations right on so that you have essentially a nice, nice little movie.

Now, I did not turn on the voiceover features.

You can do voiceover and have full audio to go with this.

But even if even if you didn’t do the audio, if you look, you can export just an individual snap or you can export the animated GIF.

So if you have a slack community where you want to be able to explain how to do something Animated gifts render much better in in Slack, then full size movies if you’re doing PowerPoints, and you want to have a presentation with a, an animation that is guaranteed to work properly, use the animated GIF feature.

So there’s, these are two of the features that are in the new snag of 2020 that I think are super valuable.

I love the video from images because for a lot of people, they may not necessarily feel comfortable, just doing like, turn on the screen recorder like we haven’t kept aging here and just and just go, they may want to have a little more time to think about what it is they want to show.

So by planning out the stages in snag it and then doing the animations, they can feel much more comfortable doing that and then maybe even not even do the voiceover here.

Maybe do the voiceover in in a different editor later on after they’ve had some time to think about what they want to say to go with each of the animations but having these tools I think makes an aggregate 2020 really, really valuable for a lot of us who are creating educational content? Are there other ways you can use these tools of course, then there’s all sorts of news, all the different features that are in the drawing tool for animating images.

But these are the ones I think, really a couple of winners for what’s new.

So if you haven’t already upgraded you should upgrade.

If you want to get this word upgrade, go to Trust slash snag it again, disclaimer, disclosure.

It’s enough we’re an affiliate so we do get a small very small commission for for for your purchase.

So if you do make a purchase Thank you.

As always, if you have comments, leave them in the comments box below.

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