How Deep Are Your Reserves?

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How deep are your reserves?

The line between success and failure is sometimes how long you can remain in the game.

  • In competition, how many competitors can you outlast?
  • In general business, how long you can remain profitable?
  • In startups, how long can you make your funding last?
  • In marketing, how fast you can go without burning out?

To accomplish each of these, we need reserves. Resources. A buffer to fall back on when times get tough. The greater our buffer, the more we can withstand.

The challenge is that life isn’t constant. Life is constant change. Sometimes there are periods of surplus, other times periods of deficit.

The greatest resource, and the one we can’t bank at all, is time. We can only spend time. Thus, we must be disciplined to maximize our time as we have it.

If we can’t bank time, then why the discussion about reserves?

What we can bank is work. Create as fast as you can when you have the time. Time is literally use it or lose it, so when you have it, use it up to create as much as possible, whether it’s content, ads, writing, budgets, whatever your priority is to produce something of value.

What if you don’t have time? You have to make it – and that doesn’t mean rearranging your schedule. That means literally making, creating time by taking away time from other things. To accomplish the maximum amount of work in the time we have, we need to automate as much of the time-wasting tasks we have so that we are free to go all in on what we are best at.

Audit your time and tasks. What do you do that is highly repetitive? Those tasks are the first ones to go on your automation hit list.

Time is like money in that any amount saved matters, whether it’s a day or a second. Trim as many places as possible, with the technology you have at your disposal, to shave seconds, minutes, or hours wherever you can.

When you use your time as productively as possible, you build up reserves, and those reserves will be your rainy day fund. Whether it’s a day when you forgot to blog something or a financial crisis that means serious loss of revenue, your reserves are built on time. Start building now by finding time wherever you can to produce as much as possible.

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