You Ask, I Answer: Equipment to Video Record Speeches?

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You Ask, I Answer: Equipment to Video Record Speeches?

George asks, “which equipment, exactly, do you use to videotape your speeches – I see you bring a tripod with both video and audio recorders?”

This question gets asked often, but the equipment does change over time, so here’s the mid-2019 loadout. I should add that all this is optimized to be set it and forget it – I’ve chosen to not do like many others and hire people to follow me around with cameras, so this equipment loadout is designed to be as compact, affordable, and hands-off as possible for a one-person show.

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You Ask, I Answer: Equipment to Video Record Speeches?

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In today’s episode, George asks, which equipment exactly do you use to videotape your speeches? I see you bring a tripod with both video and audio recorders.

So I get asked this question a lot.

And equipment list does change over time.

So this is the mid 2019 load out if you are watching this and it is after say like it’s like 2020 check my blog in cases a newer list.

You can see that at Christopher

So today’s load out these days is focused on adaptability to many different venues and changing circumstances because you never know what you’re going to get.

So to begin with, this is the ultra pod to tripod and I like this tripod for a couple of reasons.

It’s it’s easy, it folds out right little tabletop tripod.

But what’s critical is this little velcro strap and this leg, this means you can strap it to like a chair to a pylon so that that just zip it on, tile on to whatever if he’s tall over service, if you go to some venues and there’s like a lighting stand lighting tree or microphone, Speaker tree with permission from the AV guys, you can clip this right on.

The other thing that’s nice about this is the strap allows you to mount a power pack.

So one of the things I course you should be carrying is the power packs.

But what I like to do is attach these little smartphone holders, right to the power pack not to my phone, because this allows you to tuck this onto your belt and wear it as a portable power pack.

Or if you’re using a camera gear that requires a lot of power, feed the power pack right through this little strap on the tripod.

And now you’ve got your power pack with your tripod, which is super handy for for keeping things wired up.

My camera of choice these days for recording talks is the DJ oz mo pockets.

This is a tiny little mechanically stabilized gimbal camera records in 4k 60 frames per second.

If you want that high, that’s a lot of disk space, you’ll you’ll lose this space very quickly.

There is of course a carrier 64 gigabyte card, it has to be a class 10 micro SD card or faster.

This camera chews up bandwidth like crazy and the slower class for card for example, will not keep up the camera will actually air out.

I like this camera for a couple reasons its motion stabilized.

So if you look here, turns on and brings up close here.

I can move around and you can see it that the head is sort of tracking and staying in one place even as I move it that’s handy.

But what’s really nice about it is it’s got face tracking built in.

So what I’ll do is I’ll set this up on a tripod, and it will track my face which when I’m speaking is exactly what I want.

I want the camera to follow me while I’m on stage.

Now in order to make this which has no camera tripod not work with this, you need to have the sky beat tripod.

The sky beat tripod is nothing more than a metal and and is mostly metal clamp right looks like this.

There’s the spot for the deja asthma here and then there’s a spot for the smartphone here.

This has the quarter inch screws screw right to the bottom and you’ve gotten as a cold shoe up top.

The cold shoe allows you to mount additional accessories.

What I like to do again for adaptability is I have two of these mini ball head tripod mounts.

These guys are thinking like six bucks on Amazon for a packet to the mini ball head one goes on the bottom right so it goes right into the bottom of this this little guy and this will allow you to have a lot of flexibility with mounting.

So one of the things that you’ll run into when you’re doing video on the road is you’ll run into again rapidly changing circumstances.

This I like to keep on here so that if I need to mount something at a very strange angle like you know if there’s a I’ve actually mounted on the side of a folding chair where the this has been like this and then with the ball head and this clip here I can I can move this frame around very easily and keep it at the angle I want it.

The second ball head goes with the cold shoe up top that goes on to here.

This allows me to mount additional accessories right on top of the tripod which is very, very handy.

One of the accessories one of the ones that I think is probably most important is you have LED light LED light can go either into the hot cold shoe directly or the tripod mount very handy.

The other thing I carry is the task MDRO five audio record.

This would not be my first choice if I bought this again.

And the reason for that is there is no XLR This is audio This is a 3.5 millimeter Jackie and only the missing XLR pieces critical I’ve run into private like half a dozen sound boards where they like you had got an XLR cable I know.

And I was not able to record off the board.

That said with the cold you it is very handy you can go right into the top of the cold shoe on your on your tripod here.

And then this because it does have a quarter inch mountain the bottom, you can go on top here mounted on top of the cold shoe and get you stereo audio from the room.

That’s not as good as the board.


So if you can record straight off the board, you should I always make sure I have a little bag connector here with as many possible connectors as i as i can stuff into the thing.

One that is useful is the amperage shotgun mic if you if you are in a consistent place, you can actually mount the amperage on top of this guy and do a little shot come like that.

It’s okay.

Again, still not as good as the board.

The other thing I will do is I have a head worn microphone or wireless headphone microphone from chemo fun.

This is has the headpiece here and you actually saw me use this in a lot of my early us cancer videos, I stopped using this for daily videos, a lot of wiring just for one thing, and you need to make sure that both these parts of charge when I use the Yeti here at home, I don’t have to worry about that.

This end here has your standard 3.5 millimeter jack, this can go right into the task cam up top.

And now you’re recording.

This can go on the podium when you’re speaking.

It’s got about I would say a 10 foot range.

Before you run into issues with interference it says 50 feet on Amazon’s not 50 feet.

The other thing you can just tuck this whole thing in your pocket or a belt or bag or whatever onstage and to be able to record locally.

I am probably going to at some point upgrade to a wired level there Mike that would again go right to the top of this guy just for convenience because the head worn stuff is an awful lot.

So we got the audio recorder.

We got the head worn Mike tripod mounts, ball adapters, power packs, tripod, attachments, and things like that.

The last piece is this this is the this is my little secret weapon here.

This is a mic standard tripod adapter.

This goes from five eighth inch microphones stands to quarter inch tripod.

Almost every major venue speak at Conference Center at places like that.

They got extra microphone stands, you know, good old fashioned microphone stands.

Well guess what? Take that this ball head off the bottom of your table top right.

This guy goes on here.

And now you mount this on a microphone stand.

The advantage of the microphone Sanders you can move it around position it you know put it next to an audience member put it in.

I like to put it right in front of the mic.

For q amp a if they have mics set up for q&a in the aisles.

You can put this right in front of that so that it’s not a firehouse word.

But that means you can use the venue’s mic stand a mic stands can extend up like six and a half seven feet tall, which gives you a much better shot with this then some on a tabletop where you’re shooting sort of you know up your nose.

This will keep your eye level possibly hired me on the microphone stand.

I was Adam may con and Cleveland they the audio video team had mic stands with boom arms, which was fantastic.

I got like a 10 foot shot.

It looks great coming down onto the stage from this little magic adapter.

So make sure that you have a couple of these in your bag as well.

So that’s a lot.

That’s a lot of stuff to carry.

Oddly, no other than this, I don’t carry the light very often.

Everything else will fit inside of a laptop bag, small backpack, stuff like that.

Just make sure that you have a little hard case, the chemo fun, Mike actually comes with this nice little hard case.

And everything should just go right into all the little pockets here.

You want this because some of the things like the task cam, and like the oz Mo, they shouldn’t be banging around in your laptop bag, you really want them in some kind of protective covering.

So they’re not getting scratched up more than anything else.

So the load up links to everything are in the show notes.

You’ll see them below in the if you’re watching this on YouTube.

You’ll see that on my blog at Christopher Penn.

com full disclosure, they are all Amazon affiliate links.

Say that right out right.

But you’ll find all the pieces that you need.

If you want to assemble those, Greg is probably in probably $500 or so.

These are pieces I’ve acquired over time.

It’s not something I went and bought immediately if I if I had to say where to start.

You start with the Cosmo, which has a pretty good onboard microphone.

You start with the tabletop tripod.

And you start with a bracket holder to mount the asthma and those are the three pieces that you need to start with first and everything else you can add to later on.

So great question of course.

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