You Ask, I Answer: Nudging Blog Visitors to Convert?

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You Ask, I Answer: Nudging Blog Visitors to Convert?

Ashley asks, “How do I get my blog subscribers to opt in to my other subscription So I can get them nurtured and moving down my funnel?”

Let’s assume a blog subscriber is someone who has subscribed to your RSS feed, so they receive your blog posts automatically by either RSS or emails notifying them of a new blog post.

Common tactics I recommend for increasing the power of your blog include:

  • Hardcoded blog footer recommending people subscribe/opt into email and other offers
  • “You may also enjoy” technology
  • Exit popups
  • Retargeting – check out StackAdapt here: (affiliate link for my company)
  • Blog content in multiple formats like video and audio

This is all predicated on one key assumption: your blog and content are worth subscribing to and so valuable that people desperately want more.

You Ask, I Answer: Nudging Blog Visitors to Convert?

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In today’s episode, Ashley asks, How do I get my blog subscribers to opt in to my other subscription so I can get them nurtured and moving down my phone. This is a guest using the HubSpot system because they they call these things subscriptions. Let’s assume that a blog subscriber is someone who has subscribed to your RSS feed. So they receive your blog posts automatically by RSS feeds, or by emails notifying them of a new blog post. Some common tactics to get people to do more once they’re on your website. Once they’re on your blog, and you want them to go other places or do other things. There’s, there’s a whole bunch, not one immediately that you should have in place is tagging and tracking for retargeting and remarketing, you can use Google’s built in remarketing technology for a Google AdWords or Google Ads has it’s called now that given any visitor on your website, you can pass that data to Google ads and show those folks either YouTube ads display ads, remarketing ads on search listings, but whatever the cases, you will, you definitely want to do that. You’d want to have the same type of tagging and tracking with pixels for Facebook, ads for Instagram ads for Twitter ads, wherever your audience is, you want a retargeting technology in place, you may want to look at native retargeting, we use a company called stack adapt, can check for a link in the show notes to a link to them. That for display and native retargeting as well, in terms of other things that you can do on site. One that has been very successful for me over the years is having a hard coded widget. In I use WordPress, you’ve been using WordPress for this, that recommends people subscribe to the blog, or the podcast or whatever it is that you want people to do. For me, it’s my email newsletter. And that’s a piece of code that goes in the blog itself. And when it renders when someone visits the website, it turns into a whole block of text. I don’t know on HubSpot system of if that same functionality is available, but I imagined is. And the reason that’s valuable is that there are a lot of other sites out there that will syndicate blog feeds. If you’re going to syndicate my content, sometimes without my permission, you’re going to get my ads too. So making sure that those are embedded in the text of your blog content. One that is very powerful is recommender systems. So this is we, on any website, particularly shopping websites, like Amazon, always say you may also enjoy using great analytics, my companies trusted insights offers this is a paid service called the most valuable pages, identifying the content that on your blog helps move people towards conversions that by your Google Analytics data determined by your goals, making sure that those pages that help conversion the most are best optimized. Now if you’re just getting your blog started, there won’t be a whole lot of data to work with. But definitely if your blog has like a year’s worth of posts, you definitely want to use something like that look into things like exit pop ups. So an exit pop up is a pop up that appears on screen when somebody moves their mouse or taps or whatever, or scrolls back up and gets within I believe it’s like 10 or 15 pixels over the top of the page, when they go to navigate away from your blog, that’s when you pop up and say hey, before you go, subscribe to whatever. If you’re going to use an entrance pop up, I will use one that appears after like 95% some of the content has been read so that you’re not interrupting somebody’s workflow in terms of being able to read the content that you’ve put together for them. And another thing is, I would make sure that your blog content is available in multiple formats video audio, like we’re doing here. Certainly, there are some great tools and great natural language programs. Amazon’s polity is a really good one where you can take the text, your blog content, feed it to poly, and it will generate an audio file of a machine reading it aloud. For those folks who like to enjoy content in different formats and have any preference for a different format. It’s It’s not bad, especially if you’ve done these other steps and you have a hard coded hard written example of you know, call to action like hey, if you enjoy this content, please subscribe to our newsletter. Having Polly read that out loud, make sure that people who are who are listening to your content if if that’s a choice they want to make

is available and it gets into their ears as well. So a few really simple tactics to get rolling. The critical thing though, is this is all predicated on one key assumption. And that is that the blog content is worth reading is worth subscribing to and so valuable that people desperately want more. You know, you know, when you’re doing it, right, when if you accidentally miss a day or skip a day or skip a regularly published episode of your content, people email you or tweet at you or or dm you and say, Hey, where’s the thing? Right? Remember, one week I’ve I was on I was traveling, and I didn’t set up my newsletter. And I got emails from people saying, Hey, I didn’t see the newsletter, my inbox this week. Okay, cool. That tells you that you’re on the right track if nobody ever says Hey, where’s the thing? your content isn’t, isn’t there yet. So while these techniques in tactics are important, it is equally important to make sure that your content is insanely valuable to people but that they that it educates that it entertains that engages them the three E’s of content, if it isn’t.

focus your efforts on that first, make sure that it is so good that people like it, that they share it that they talk to you about it. That it is something that they desperately want more of. So but those are those are some starting techniques. And if you’re interested in that most valuable content service let me know happy to just leave a note comments or DM me. As always, if you have additional questions, leave them in the comments below. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter. I’ll talk to you soon.

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