You Ask, I Answer: PPC Learning Resources

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You Ask, I Answer_ PPC Learning Resources

Alessandra asks, “Any tips/resources to learn PPC? Who to trust?”

Watch the video for the order of resources I recommend, including courses to take, blogs to follow, and events to attend.

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You Ask, I Answer: PPC Learning Resources

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In today’s episode of you ask I answer. Alessandra asks any tips or resources to learn Pay Per Click marketing? Who do you trust? Well, great question.

There are a ton of resources on Pay Per Click marketing. Where you should start I would recommend you start is start with the networks themselves. So that’s going to be Bing and Google are the two biggest Pay Per Click systems. And especially Google has a

Google Ad with use called Google i O. It’s now it’s Google Ads Academy, take their free course to it as an extensive course and get your certification in Google ads. That certification is going to help you learn the in depth nature you’re going to need to make pay per click advertising work really well for you.

Had a former colleague,

she went through the AdWords course it was called AdWords time. And she had 85 pages of notes just from the course that’s not even getting to the exam that is just going through the course. So take those courses first. They are essential. There are a number of books published, but again, by the networks themselves, like Google and Bing about how to use their products. They’re typically free books, you can download them, the ebooks and things. Those are great places to start, because they will they are intended to help you learn the basics of advertising. And in a way that is promotional. Only for the network itself. It’s basically presuming you’re going to spend money on AdWords Anyway, why don’t you do it right. When you sign up AdWords and Bing Ads, typically, especially if you spend over a certain amount or you’ve got a new account that and that new account you’re going to have an account manager reach out and talk to you about your program in your first 90 days.

Go through that training go through that introductory phone calls if it’s worth your time just to get a sense of what their perspective is and how they think the platform has changed. Now, a lot of these folks are not going to be advanced PPC practitioners, they’re going to be basic mid level folks who can help you get the basic setup and help you not spend too much. One of the most important things you need to do before you embark on any kind of pay per click advertising is have very clear goals set up what

metrics and KPIs are you after, for example, you may be after cost per acquisition, click through rate cost per click effective cost per click cost per action. There’s a bunch of different numbers that you should have that all lead to a business impact of some kind of new need to have that written down first. So as you start thinking about and start taking different courses about pay per click advertising from the networks keep those numbers in mind. What goal Are you actually after? Are you after sales are you after

Lead Generation are you after traffic

and those different goals are perfectly appropriate it’s okay to have you know there’ll be some folks in the PVC will say you should only be only be selling well if awareness is your goal then guess what you should be using the advertising tools for that once you’ve gone through the courses then it’s time to take a look around at the landscape. And there are a few different blogs that I would recommend you definitely want to keep an eye on the search engine marketing blogs. So those are going to be blogs like search engine, land search engine, watch

marketing land, for example would be some, some good blogs, look at and then look at a couple of the consulting agencies now the consulting agencies are going to obviously be trying to sell you their services. Hey, you’re on our blog, you’re reading about our free advice would you like to pay for some advice and have us manage your account those big companies like word stream though?

blogs are still worth reading. They are still worth reading. Because they do share a lot of useful information. skyward is another one that is a good PPC resource. Subscribe to them. Subscribe to the AdWords blog and read read through what was being published on a weekly basis. What’s new in the search engine marketing space, because you’re going to find a whole bunch of new things as stuff comes up look to at some of the SEO tool websites because remember, SEO and search engine marketing are different disciplines. But in the content marketing world because folks are constantly starving for content, there is a there is some overlap and it’s never a bad idea to understand the space as a whole. So some of the search engine tool blogs would be things like sem rush this blog, Rs blog,

the MAS blog and so on so forth will give you some additional insights but

tip pay attention more to the the overall general search blogs like the search engine lands of the world those would be

The resources I would say, are great starting points.

The most important thing you can do though,

is to actually run campaigns. Actually, as you go through the, the AdWords course of the Bing course, or whatever

be doing the thing, it’s very, very difficult to gain proficiency at a lot of this stuff. If you’re just reading about it, you need to be pushing the buttons and actually, you know, clicking the mouse and deploying these campaigns in order to get the most out of them in order to really understand what it is you’re reading what the how the software works, the impact that it delivers, because if you don’t, you just have a bunch of theory and if you never actually practice the theory, it’s very very difficult to to understand where the theory breaks down. So read about something on Search Engine Land, you’re trying Oh, that didn’t work or I got no clicks at all on that and that’s where you

Start to separate out this advice works for me and my company. This advice does not even though it may all come from reputable sources, equally true, you may hear something like at a conference or an event and you’re like, Yeah, I don’t know if that makes sense or not. But you go back and you run a very small test and you find out that something that sounds dodgy actually works really well for you. So that would be the I think the third leg of the stool is you have the networks you have the blogs to keep up on and then you have conferences and events go to things like SM x,

which is a fantastic

search marketing conference, you’ll hear a lot you’ll read a lot, especially if you’re just getting started out can be overwhelming. What I would suggest is go through go through the courses offered by the networks get that lockdown. spend about six months reading blogs and after really after your first year of getting a get your basics

Strong then look at going to a conference, I would not go to a conference with less than a year of experience under your belt because it’s going to be too overwhelming, maybe too many shiny objects and you won’t have put in any time actually practicing. So

courses, blogs, events, those would be the ways that I would go to make the most out of all the information that’s out there and consistent practice throughout your journey, consistent practice to bring the concept to life and to understand what doesn’t doesn’t work what makes sense and doesn’t make sense for you and your company. Great question. Please leave additional questions if you have them in the comments and subscribe to the YouTube channel in the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care what help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust and listen to how we can help you

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