You Ask, I Answer: 2019 Marketing Trends

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You Ask, I Answer_ 2019 Marketing Trends

Stephanie asks, “What are the marketing trends you’ve got your eye on for 2019?”

I’ve got my eye on a few trends for 2019; stay tuned for a much more in-depth look in a couple of weeks from Trust Insights (with full data). For now, watch the video to learn which three I’m paying most attention to.

You Ask, I Answer: 2019 Marketing Trends

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In today’s episode, Stephanie asks what are some of the trends to pay attention to for marketing as we head into 2019 Of course it is that time of year this is being recorded in late November 2018 when people are starting to already crank out the 2019 predictions. So let’s look at a few things that are likely to happen number one, in terms of all the channels that are showing growth in terms of what people search for when people have conversations about the two trends that have been on fire in 2018 and will continue to accelerate in 2019 number one is Instagram marketing which is eating the world largely because

people are not there is this sentiment that that Facebook is entirely where you go to have arguments with people and with the continued propagation of questionable sources of information

a lot of consumers are spending a lot of time on Instagram because well they could just look at pictures of stuff

rather than have lengthy debates with people about the correctness of a one piece of information or another so Instagram marketing itself

is growing by leaps and bounds and will continue to grow well into next year with Instagram marketing of course comes the the massive thing that is influencer marketing influencer marketing continues to be on fire will will be even more on fire next year we forecasted

trusted insights forecast

this year that would see something like a 40% increase this year and the 70% increase the next year in Search interest for people looking for information about it. And of course, the is turned out to actually be somewhat of a conservative estimate. It was close to 50%

this year. So we will have to go back and revise those friends to

to account for the fact that this thing is on fire. The other

thing that is surprisingly on fire is programmatic marketing, programmatic advertising, programmatic marketing people moving to particularly business to business marketers, moving to programmatic advertising, it is more efficient, it is more cost effective it is faster. This is of course, advertising that has driven almost entirely by algorithm where a machine is doing a lot of the work in terms of what ads to show what creatives to show when to whom and it’s working incredibly well in the marketplace. So there is a tremendous amount of interest there and continuing to grow social media marketing interestingly enough social media marketing as a trend has kind of leveled off a people are not looking for significant growth we’re not looking for significant growth because it is mature it’s a mature space

now that

said that doesn’t mean that it is that no one is looking for a more quite the contrary in fact people are looking for Social Media Marketing at a pretty substantial rate let’s take a look here and just go through the data it’s currently the third most searched type of marketing right now affiliate marketing is the first top of search but it is on the decline digital marketing the category overall social media marketing is the third most followed by network marketing and then influencer marketing so we see these channels these methods these techniques continuing to grow influencer marketing is growing where social media marketing has leveled off and things like affiliate marketing are beginning to to show some decline that’s said there’s you’re still talking about thousands of people every single week looking for information about these things.


is it Don’t be putting out a post saying that such as such as dead, it’s not dead. Nothing, nothing in the top I would say 100

terms that are most searched for is dead. If you have thousands of people searching every week for them for information about them.

In terms of what I would expect to see more of I would expect to see more of not only Instagram marketing but am Instagram advertising as people realize not only do you have to get on Instagram but then you also have to get be seen and of course Instagram is a Facebook property Facebook loves to turn the screws on marketers and and ratchet up the pay angle. We know from Facebook’s earnings calls that Facebook the ecosystem, not the the core

network itself is so saturated right now that

they’ve actually run out of inventory. That’s why you see things like stories popping up everywhere you see on TV Instagram TV, Facebook was looking for any angle A confined to offer more inventory to advertisers. Because there’s actually a

supply shortage of advertising space. It’s one

of the reasons why and messenger marketing has been pushed to market as quickly as it has

just there’s more room to show ads

which means that what used to be inexpensive attention is is going to be much less inexpensive expect the Facebook ecosystem to cost you much more in 2019. So if that is a core part of your strategy, it’s probably time to have a plan B and what that plan B is nobody knows quite yet I would suggest just a personal experience that you diversify that you have if you’re a b2b marketer you should absolutely be spending some time on LinkedIn if you are a b2c marketer you should absolutely be spending a lot of time growing a list actually I would say for both b2b and b2c marketers

it should be apparent based on the trends that we’ve seen over the last five years that rented land Facebook Twitter Instagram so on and so forth rented land continues to have price increases you know what has it increased in price your email list your email list if anything has probably gone down and prices as platforms have gotten cheaper

email marketing itself the software has gotten cheaper so if you’re not spending a lot of time using your email marketing list as a defensive hedge

now would be the time to start five years ago as the time start now would really be the time to start as your backup option

to protect yourself from massive price increases on the most popular platforms

when it comes to influencers one of the things that you need to look at very carefully is employee based influence programs that is turning your employees into influencers investing the time in them but particularly subject matter experts particularly company executives especially if they have any kind of golden handcuffs where it was difficult for them to leave because as Facebook and Instagram and the platforms the rented land gets more expensive influencers will charge more because their costs are going to go up so if their costs are going up your costs are going up to work with them and what used to be you know a 10,000 a month influence or something20,000 a month influencer or 40,000 month influencer and if you think top to your talent is expensive now wait until Facebook makes it significantly more expensive to run promotions and you can be talking like quarter million dollar engagements with certain influencers so your employees can be those influencers to some degree and as an added advantage you can send them to do things that would be cost prohibitive so sending employees to say smaller conferences and events would be a huge bonus for a brand but not if it was there was influencers were paid influencers like regular paid influencers where they had cost you100,000 is get someone to take a five photos on Instagram so lots to think about last to consider as we move into 2019 look for and subscribe to the trust insights blogs and podcasts and stuff because we’re going to talk a lot more about this as we pull more of the data going into 2019 but for right now influencers Instagram an email are going to be the things that you need to pay a lot of attention to in order to take advantage of just the way the market is moving. Great question, Stephanie.

Thanks. Please add additional questions if you have them to the comment box below and subscribe to the YouTube channel on the newsletter I’ll talk to you soon. What help solving your company’s data

analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you

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