You Ask, I Answer: Local Value-Added Reseller Marketing

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You Ask, I Answer: Local Value-Added Reseller Marketing

Ava asks, “How can a local reseller market effectively against entrenched brands and big box stores?”

Local resellers – like plumbing supply, home decor, electronics, appliance showrooms, etc. – fit in the category of value-added reseller. The key is the value-added part – a reseller is typically more expensive than a big box retail store or the ubiquitous Amazon, so how a reseller communicates value is essential. Watch the video for full details.

You Ask, I Answer: Local Value-Added Reseller Marketing

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Consumers want:
– Better
– Faster
– Cheaper

VARs cannot beat, for the most part, cheaper.

The strategy, then, is build a strong brand on your value, which by definition must be better and/or faster. What constitutes better? Service, and the knowledge of context that comes with that service. Amazon cannot do context. Big box stores do context poorly. Shop small and shop local are only meaningful if you are also better.

Faster is faster fulfillment, which will eventually be a losing proposition against Amazon, but faster service, which Amazon simply cannot do in the near future. Faster answers, faster help, faster guidance.

How do you build a brand? Pick the pillar you deliver on and serve up marketing that doubles down on that pillar. Better service? Educate people for free on their top problems. Faster service? Leapfrog the big box stores and figure out how to do apps and bots better.

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In today’s episode Eva asks How can local reseller market effectively against entrenched brands and big box stores really good question a local reseller like plumbing supply store, a home decor, electronics, consumer electronic stores, appliance show rooms, all these fit in the categories of value added resellers. Now the the key for the marketing is that first phrase value added because a reseller is by default going to be more expensive than a big box retail store or everyone’s you know, ubiquitous Amazon presence, you’re always going to get beaten on price as a reseller unless you want no margins. So the key is how what the value is that a reseller delivers and how it communicates that value? consumers want the three things right, same thing

things they’ve wanted for centuries or millennia better, faster. Cheaper.

Value Added resellers cannot for the most part beat cheaper. So that leaves you better and faster. So your strategy for marketing your brand is to build a crazy strong brand on your value, which by definition is either going to be better or faster. So what constitutes better, what constitutes better for a reseller? Well, resellers are known primarily for their service. So what service do you provide that is better than what the competitors can provide? A big part of that is based on context. So a professional salesperson who knows the customer who knows what the customer wants, it has the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the customer can build better concept someone may come in for a refrigerator but what they’re actually asking about is redoing the look of their kitchen right so the the big box stores

sees refrigerators being browsed. Amazon’s refrigerators being browsed on their site, but the the human salesperson who’s having the conversation with the customer can dig in and figure out what the actual goal is. And therefore, in theory should be able to provide better recommendations to the customer. Because they figured out what the customers overarching goal is. So that’s better service through context.

Other ways that virus can can focus in on that service is is in the better services post purchase.

Amazon will eventually beat everyone on fulfillment right on on on just getting stuff to you. But the process of packaging things up and mailing them back

and waiting for refunds and stuff is still not optimal. I’m sure they’re working on it, but it is still not optimal compared to

a reseller being able to just if they’re especially if they’re local.

In the market and pop buy in to see what’s going on with with the thing that you bought so it is that enhanced responsive high quality service that can also be part of the brand for faster faster fulfillment will eventually be a losing proposition against Amazon or whatever other may you know mega consumer company takes over but faster service Amazon still has not cracked and probably won’t in the near future because of the mechanism of

service fulfillment mailing things back takes time

know getting you get your refund as soon as Amazon has scam at the packages back in service but it’s still one those I got a package that thing up print out the thing and then you know wait for for the delivery service to combine and pick it up

contrast that with what a value added reseller delivers, which should be

faster for fashion repairing of problems because you may not have to it may not be defective enough to warrant being mailed back just come over and fix the thing but

Faster also means faster answers faster help faster guidance, how can you get answers faster to the customer that are meaningful? Again, you can talk with a chat bot or you can talk with the lowest paid person on the floor at a big box store and get on satisfactory answers.

You can talk to an expert at a reseller and get an actually helpful answer. When when I bought the solar thing from my from my house the we bought from the most reputable company in the industry and their service is white glove service. They were significantly more expensive than their competitors. But the service side is the reason we made the purchase because we get faster answers to get better answers.

And so we bought from that company instead. So when it comes to building and marketing your brand within that local market, pick the pillar that you deliver on and serve up marketing that that doubles down on that pillar that emphasizes that pillar.

You claim a better service, you better be educating people like crazy for free on their top problems doing things like YouTube videos, ad nauseum Instagram Stories like hey, here’s how you fix this. Here’s what to look for in this. Here’s how to know whether a faucet will scratch easily. Here’s to

here’s how to clean dog hair out of your refrigerators, events, all these things. And a big part is educating people on the problems that they’re likely to have before they have those problems. Because that tells the customer that you understand their context, you know what’s going to happen because you have the years of experience that a big box store is not likely to have when you’re talking about faster service. The Amazon of course has all sorts of AI behind that so you’re not going to beat Amazon on on faster and that fun but the big box stores and doing stuff like apps and and bots and stuff. There are opportunities to improve upon

Those things and do a better job but also as long as you can scale it properly there is a substantial part of the population that would feel better just talking to somebody especially with these lovely mobile devices being able to FaceTime or video chat with a customer and say oh yeah you’re you’re if your faucets leaking, or whatever it is turned into your camera and now let’s take a look and being able to immediately without leaving your shop, look at what’s going on and go oh, it’s probably this like your refrigerators making a funny noise Okay, what’s point your phone at got it and documenting and showing that showing how you do that? Because that instead of creating marketing, which honestly is probably going to come out very self serving if you document with permission the service that you provide, you will show people by example exactly what you do and convince them that okay, this is a level of service I don’t get

From the big box store, well, this is level of service that I don’t get when I’m clicking around on on Amazon’s website. And so that documentation of what you do, and then the sharing of it ad nauseum. You cannot create enough content that shows off with real customers how your service works, you cannot create enough content that is helpful educational that solves people’s problems. You could publish 100 Pinterest pins a day you could publish a 500 Instagram videos a day and the still wouldn’t be enough to to answer every customers questions before they have them. You know your customer, you know your market. You’ve been in business for a number of years. You know what’s going to happen, double down on that experience and show it off not by telling people that you have it but by documenting that you’re doing the thing is it doesn’t require hiring a professional video crew you have a camera

There are free apps there is YouTube to post the videos to just go and do it. But do it a lot and plan to spend a lot of time on it. If you are spending less than an hour a day on documenting what it is you do, or answering customers questions, you’re not spending enough time on it from the perspective of marketing so that you can beat the big box store and the Amazons of the world. Now if you just want to do the bare minimum you can but you’re not going to beat the entrenched local Martin you got to show off through example just why you’re a better so great question. There’s a lot to this and there’s a lot to doing this. It is not inexpensive from a time perspective but it can be inexpensive from a a a machine or you’ve already bought the phone you’ve already got YouTube and stuff make use of it. So if you have follow up questions, leave them in the comments box please subscribe to the newsletter and the YouTube

YouTube channel and I’ll talk to you soon take care

want help solving your company’s data analytics and digital marketing problems. This is trust today and let us know how we can help you.

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