You Ask, I Answer: Essential Skills for Mid-Career Marketers

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You Ask, I Answer_ Essential Skills for Mid-Career Marketers

Liz asks, “How can mid- career marketers prepare for the coming technological advances in marketing? Are there classes/ courses you recommend? What skills do you foresee as essential 5, 10, or 20 years from now?”

The most essential skills that mid-career marketers need aren’t found in courses or classes. In this video, learn what’s really important and how to skill up.

You Ask, I Answer: Essential Skills for Mid-Career Marketers

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In today’s episode, Liz asks, How can mid career marketers prepare for the coming technological advances and marketing? Are there classes courses, I recommend What skills do I see as

as essential in 510 or 20 years from now. So

on the future forecasting thing, I will say this right now, no one has any idea. The reason for that is that the technology is changing so fast that forecasting on even more than a year is very, very difficult because of the way technology changes and what is possible. And breakthroughs that we didn’t even think we’re within reach are within reach significantly faster. A really good example of this was

in 2015,

some folks who are experts in deep learning predicted that deep learning would

eventually solve a classic game like go the strategy Asian strategy game in maybe 15 or 20 years when when the technology improved. And of course, 18 months later, Google’s DeepMind won the game of Go and beat least with all the reigning world champion at the game. And so that prediction straight out the window.

So it’s very difficult to predict that stuff. However,

one of the maxims that I follow is by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. This is focused

on the things that don’t change in b2b, what are the things that don’t change,

people want to save money, they want to save time, they want to make more money

and they want to prove the value of what it is they did they do in the b2c world what are the things that human beings want more right they want stuff faster they want stuff that’s better quality and they want stuff cheaper and anything you can do that helps them achieve those outcomes it will will will get you the business so as a mid career marketer think about the landscape of the different marketing technologies that are available right now if you look in fact let’s bring up Scott Brinker martek landscape, this is a fantastic landscape in the sense that it gives you a sense of how big the marketing technology world is, from a vendor perspective. And it’s broken up by category

of like, what each of the broad categories you to the tools

do, here’s the thing that’s the landscape does not address and it does not just have to address it, there’s, there’s really no good way to do it. But think about those outcomes that I just mentioned, save money, save time, make things faster, better, cheaper, none of these tools on their surface to help you understand how they get you to that the answers. And so as a mid career marketer, one the most valuable things you can do is to help connect the tools, which is the platform with the processes within a company and the people who you work with to create those outcomes.

Go back to the classic consulting

from HD love it’s diamond of innovation, that the 1964 framework people process platform

as marketers, particularly mid career marketers get more and more stuff in the platform container, we don’t have corresponding increases in our processes. And we don’t have corresponding increases in how we work with the people within those things. So

what should a mid career marketer be focusing on obviously continue to grow your people skills obviously continue to grow. And this is where

marketers are really deficient is in the process side of things. I know I’m one of them. I am

my CEO. And I’ve been working together for three years now. And and she’s constantly reminding me that processes, how you scale processes, how you repeat success. So whatever you can do to build process around the people in the technology work with will help you succeed more. And then as a mid career marketer, the important thing with all these technologies to understand is how, how, what what is it that it does, and how well does it do it right, you don’t necessarily need to learn how to code or how to create deep learning architecture or how to

set up link retargeting. Although certainly those are things that help

but you do need to know what the tools do, how they work conceptually and where they fit in.

If you look at any one of the categories in the martek landscape, there’s probably 100 to 200 vendors within them. Being able to be a good bs detector and to train your staff to be a good bs detector is essential. Because you’ve got 100 vendors competing for your time, your attention and your money in each of these categories.

How do you tell them apart because they’re all going to sound like you look? It’s just ad retargeting alone. There’s like 150 vendors in there. What’s the difference? They all say? They have better performance, they all say they have lower costs. They all say that they they don’t do vendor lock in and stuff like that. They all bash the the incumbents. So what’s the difference? How do they differentiate each other?

Can you as someone who is a

mid to senior level practitioner or


develop a really good bs detector that says no, this is actually what the difference is between vendor x vendor, why vendor z, or this is what’s after the difference between these different strategic


The further you get in your career, the less you the less it is that you are probably going to be doing hands on, the more it is that you’re going to be training guiding, and advising. And so judgment

and discrimination of the different technologies and strategies are really the, the essential skills and there there aren’t classes or courses for those.

That’s a lot of experience. And there is some training

but really focus on from a from the platform technology side, what does the thing do? How does it do it?

One of the things I think is a

a real benefit. And an easy way to learn this stuff is to actually do

if you have a personal blog, or even if if a company blog anytime you’re trying to evaluate a sector start interviewing the vendors, like for a blog post, and after a few you’ll start to

get the lingo start to get the language and go, Oh,

I don’t know if this vendor actually knows what they’re doing. Or Wow, this vendors really got the goods

you know, in this in the technology space in in

the SEO tool space. There are a ton of SEO tools. But there’s a reason why there are certain market leaders

and when you look at their software, you go Alright, this does what it’s supposed to do this this gets you to the answer better, faster and cheaper, right.

That’s where you can add value in the coming together logical advances and marketing is to help the companies you work at, make those decisions and make good decisions. Because I’m sure you’ve noticed companies are getting super risk averse and and people in general have gotten a lot more risk averse. So if you can be that trusted advisor within your own company who has your finger on the pulse of the landscape, you will have those timeless skills that will propel your career forward an ongoing basis. That’s it still learn the technology still study on your own. There aren’t courses to teach you how to study and and evaluate. That’s just a lot of experience. And like I said, tried doing that blog or podcast or email newsletter, whatever it is that you need to do to give you the excuse to reach out to these different companies and learn their technology and each of these sectors. Great question. As always, please leave any follow up questions in the comments and subscribe to the YouTube channel newsletter. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care what help solving your company data

analytics and digital marketing problems.

This is trust today

and let us know how we can help you

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