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You Ask, I Answer: Cleaning Email Lists

Krzysztof asks, “How are you cleaning your email lists? What tools, tips, etc.?”

Cleaning email lists and keeping them clean is vitally important. I recommend a 4-step process:

  • Form validation
  • Role removal and misspelling repair
  • Bounce processing
  • Service validation

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You Ask, I Answer: Cleaning Email Lists

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In today’s episode, Christophe asks, How do you currently clean your email list? Not just taking any emails, but how do you prevent garbage accounts? Or

we’re letting your list age out? It’s a really good question. That’s a very important question. Because the cleaner your email list is, the better your delivery ability is, the better your delivery ability is, the more likely it is that people will read your email because their email programs like Outlook or Gmail, of course, all the servers and infrastructure in the background are less likely to flag it as spam or put it in the promotions folder or things like that. So a clean list as essential as someone sending email if you are list is unclean. Your service provider may even flag you as spam and

terminate your account depending on which provided you with there’s some companies that are super aggressive like one bad report. And and you’re toast I use Amazon FCS the Amazon simple email service and that has very forgiving amounts but even still you want to keep your bounce rates and your spam flag reports as low as possible bounce rates bounces or when you send an email that comes back and bounces right off and the provider says nope no email account by that name here. So there’s three ways three things you need to do with your email list in order in order to keep it as clean as possible for really number one on forms as people fill out the forms have that verification and validation. So you know, confirm your email that catches typos.

And depending on how good your web coding team is, you may even want to

Do some validation for commonly misspelled domains. So GM I else did gmail dot com would be a simple validation you could set up to at least catch the major obvious stuff. So that’s part one. Part two is again, this is something that might require some development resources. If you don’t have them, you can have a human do it, it’s just not the best use of time. And that is an immediate cleaning of your list using again, so very, very simple thing. So you want a script or program or person

to go through and fix obvious misspellings, hotmail Yahoo Gmail, things like that stuff that’s easy to find and fairly obvious the scripture also not get what are called roll accounts and these are generic in boxes which are much more likely to be junk so you want to filter out info at whatever the domain is like info at bring interesting insights calm.

webmaster at spam at postmaster at abuse at any of those kinds of emails you want to delete them entirely to take them up they’re gone they’re not going to be very helpful to you now there are some people a few people particular small business owners who use like an info at so you might want to let that one slide but certainly any of the other ones like spam at

straight out

so that’s the second the second thing you should be doing form validation and the the misspellings the easy corrections on the list the third thing is that most providers will most email service providers meaning the company you used to send the email will store and optionally send you

balanced email so when the email comes back I’ll come back with an arrow saying mixer public at Trust Insights dot com does not exist


you’ll want to have a an inbox set up to collect all these to collect all these balances

and you’re going to film you’re basically going to want to extract again you can the software to do this there are also people who you could hire like an intern to do that

but you want that to extract all those addresses where they comes back with a permanent era there’s two types of areas and email marketing there’s temporary like your mailbox is full and having this permanent which is this huge no longer exists

things like that you want to extract all the permanent errors and the email addresses their associated with an unsubscribe from your list as well. Straight out upload into your email marketing program. Do not email this address

that will really help and then the final step is there are paid vendors out there that will allow you to that they have fairly good services you

You upload your email list the working part of it and it will try to verify whether they address is working or not. Because you know, for example, you could put in

john smith at Trust Insights calm and that looks reasonably legitimate you don’t actually know whether it works or not. And so these companies would that would through a variety of technical means attempted to validate that that’s a working email address. And so that’s sort of the fourth layer so those are the the sequences the steps good form validation

on desktop or on machine easy removal of role accounts easier, more easy correction of misspellings, processing and balances and then finally, you want that you potentially want to list cleaning service don’t go straight to the list cleaning service because every time you use those they cost you money you do the other three steps first, so that you’re spending as little as possible on the actual validation

list because you’ve gotten all the easy stuff knocked out. But that’s how you do email list verification. And it is so important today to do that because that’s really the basis of your marketing database. It’s the basis of

things like retargeting lists and stuff obviously within the boundaries that provided by laws like GDPR, but you need that clean list. So make sure that you are cleansing it on a regular and frequent basis. I do Michael is cleaning about once a month,

you know, you would think for the newsletter, would you you would need to do all that often you do once a month if not sooner.

As always, if you have questions, please send them to me to me. It will be Millie comments. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

if you want help with your company’s data and analytics visit Trust Insights calm today and let us know how

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