You Ask, I Answer: How to Create High-Performing Video Marketing

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You Ask, I Answer_ How to Create High-Performing Video Marketing

Dee asks, “How can I create videos people will watch and engage with?”

One of the simplest tricks and hacks for high performing video marketing is to convert already high performing content to video. What tools would you use?

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You Ask, I Answer: How to Create High-Performing Video Marketing

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In today’s episode D asks, How can I create videos people will watch and engage with? This is a very common question. It is a very important question. Because video takes more time to create than simply just typing a few words out into a document. One of the simplest tricks and hacks for high performing video is to use or convert content that’s already high performing to video format, instead of creating something new from whole cloth all the time, maybe use the 8020 rule take 80% of video should be converting stuff that you know your audience already wants. And 20% new stuff, new experimental things and such. So what would you use? How would you go about doing this? Well, there’s three data sources that would strongly recommend. One is your web analytics to his social media analytics. And three is Seo to. So let’s look at an example of this with the for web analytics. First, I’m in my Google Analytics. Here I am in the left hand side under behavior, I’m going to choose all pages. And I want to choose a time frame that is sufficiently large enough to get a sense of what people care about. So I chose you to date here,

six months is a good window. And you can see here, these are all the posts that are doing well. And you can see there’s one, this consulting billing rate on just keeps getting coming up over and over again. So one of the things I should probably do is take this blog post, which is a mostly text post with a little bit of interactivity and turn it into a video, I should obviously keep the existing blog post, but essentially read it out loud on video, and then hand it to this post to make sure that it is seen to leverage its or its popularity. Now, one thing you can do, it’s kind of a nice power hack is to change the dates, let’s go back about a year and a half, two years now and look at older content, look at stuff that that was much, much older way back when. And for those posts where it’s relevant to do so like business core competency, ethics and marketing and stuff. Those are the posts that we didn’t see them in the previous screen. But they did well in the past, they are ideal candidates for being refreshed. And there’s no better way to refresh that then to use video as a way to jumpstart those posts and bring them back to life. So I could create a video for that added to the post, then change the post date, update the text as needed. And now I’ve got a brand new post that we know as popular based on years past and can make it work harder for us. So that’s web analytics. Now, let’s take a look at the second place we can look at, which is social media data. I’m going to use IBM Watson Analytics for social media. Here, I’m using the topic of b2b marketing. I’ve program this in and asked Watson to essentially go find all of the content out there in

forum posts, blogs, videos, social posts, about about b2b marketing, and then I categorize them by sort of the topics that want to break down, what are the things that people are talking about most? Well, Funny enough, it turns out email marketing is part is such a huge part of b2b marketing. So here are some of the top posts in this in these categories. Now, you should absolutely not just rip some rip off somebody else’s content. But you can take the ideas, the general concepts and share your own point of view. So here is one how much is email marketing automation software costs, you can do pricing plans, comparison of products, top 10 most popular stores most powerful traffic generation techniques, Evers versus results, all of these, you can see that these are, these are all about the topic of email marketing. So do I have perspectives of my own on any of these topics, uses an email marketing signatures and email marketing, of course, have topic of perspectives that I could create that I know these are the popular topics, these are the popular concepts, but convert them into video content by creating my own point of view. So I would, I know can do research broadly about what people care about, but make a video of it. And then the third year, of course, is Seo data, we can look at content that’s high ranking. And again, don’t rip off other people’s work, but look at the concepts and provide points of view. So this one I took social media marketing, what are some social media marketing campaigns, five bad habits that will tank your social media marketing a five ways a Twitter purge, six ways you can use yoga principles, and so on and so forth, there are again, so many perspectives and points of view that we could have that would inform a great video that someone else has already done the research and the work of identifying the broad concepts. Now, what is our point of view in terms of creating video content about these things. So five bad habits, little tank, your social media marketing, or their bad habits that I see social media marketers doing that are disrupting their marketing. Of course,

the use of of copy bots is a really good example, don’t use copy. But it’s it will go very badly. If you’re not familiar, copy bot is simply a piece of automated software that just blatantly copy somebody else’s feed, right. So it copies Instagram feed or a Twitter feed, don’t use them the terrible

and they’re also a copyright violation on which expose you to all sorts of legal issues. But

anyone who’s been in the field for more than six months has some sense of what works and what doesn’t in social media marketing. And so by looking at these general topics, like bad habits, social media marketers, you can create content that you know, people will engage with, because it’s already high performing someone else has already has a their point of view, we want to create our point of view. So

those the three data sources of those three, I would start with your web analytics, unless you have no content at all, you have no blog, if you get your your website is literally just a brochure, if you have a blog, then you want to start with web analytics, because it is your content, it is the most unique to you. And it already contains your points of view, and it is your intellectual property. So you have absolutely no issues whatsoever, you know, just literally reading the your previous content out loud social media marketing data is where I would say, social media and SEO data or a blend, they should be, you know, wait them equally do one from do one video from one source, do another video from another source, go back and forth and see which is more relevant to your audience of those two, I would lean a little bit more heavily on search data only because people type things into Google, they wouldn’t say out loud.

And this is this is an important thing to think about is is what will people type into Google that they might be embarrassed to say in a conversation, if you are, say, a b2b marketing like a I don’t know what lead scoring is, probably don’t want to admit that particularly on like a professional network like LinkedIn. But you absolutely type in what is the lead scoring into Google into Google or Bing search engine of your choice. So

but still use both to get a sense of the tone and tenor and the flavor of conversation around these topics, and then create videos around those topics. So that’s the answer to how do you create videos that people will watch and engage with create stuff that people want? As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and newsletter. I’ll talk to you soon. Take care


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