#FridayFeeling: A Quibble About Plurals

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Friday Feeling_ A Quibble About Plurals

In today’s Friday Feeling, a quibble about plurals. I’ve lost track of the number of blogs, podcasts, and videos where the authors – myself included – say, “hey everyone”, “hey you guys”, and variations thereof.

Who are we talking to?

When you are reading, listening, and watching, it’s just you. I haven’t seen a blog watching party or a podcast listening party. There are video parties like Facebook Watch and Netflix & chill, but when you’re doing that, it’s probably not business-related videos.

Why wouldn’t we content creators speak to you like we’re talking to you in person, 1:1?

I know why we do it. We look at subscriber numbers, followers, etc. and think we’re talking to dozens, hundreds, thousands of people. We’re focused on ourselves as marketers rather than on the person we’re talking to. But, even if we have a million subscribers, we’re still engaging one person at a time.

So for content creators – and I’m putting myself on notice – avoid using plural address.

Friday Feeling: A Quibble About Plurals

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In today’s Friday feeling I have a minor is a minor first world problem quibble about plurals.

I’ve lost track of the number of blogs, podcasts, videos, stuff where the authors, myself included, myself included. I’m raising my hand saying I am guilty of this too. And I need to stop it.

When content creators say to you Hey everyone, hey you guys and variations thereof Hey, everybody, a family and whatever,

who we talking to,

when you’re reading and listening and watching. It’s I would assume most of the time just you I haven’t seen a blog reading party or a podcast listening party and there are video watching parties, but that’s typically you know, okay, maybe.

Facebook watch. But mostly Netflix and chill. And let’s face it to if

you’re doing Netflix until it’s not to watch videos like this, right? It’s not business related.

Why wouldn’t we, as content creators speak to you like, we’re talking to you? Like, if we were sitting down for a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t I talk to you like just a regular human being, it’s almost certainly going to be just, you may be a couple other people if you’re listening to a podcast in the car,

but the relationship that we have as content creators with you


actually a very intimate one. Right? You are literally literally sticking our voices in your head right? with a pair of headphones,

maybe even stuffing it in your head with earbuds you are when you watch this giving us your attention by by watching the little bit.

video on the mobile device, the smartphone,

maybe your desktop computer. But an awful lot of video is is watched on mobile

when you’re reading,

you’re probably not having someone read aloud a blog post to you. So why wouldn’t we treat this relationship that that I have as a content creator with you

as a personal one as a one to one relationship and speak as though you and I were having a cup of coffee or having a cup of beer or the liquid of your choice


and understand that these conversations were having that you and I are having

our personal conversations

if I have and this applies to any contract greater if I have earned the right to your attention for even a brief period of time should probably treat it like the gift that it is

That you literally have

millions of other things you could be doing right now besides watching this video so thank you for your attention for the few moments you’ve given,

which I appreciate it. Because again, you could be doing any you’ll be playing idol heroes or whatever on your phone or go playing the New World of Warcraft expansion,

but instead, you’re here.


why do we do this? I think part of the reason

why content creators do this is that

we as creators are to sender centric, we are thinking about ourselves too much.

And this manifests in

when we look at subscriber numbers or audience numbers of follower numbers. And we assume that you know, thousand followers or a million followers or

million subscribers or whatever is important forgetting that our communications to you are one to one yes it’s multicast I’m making one video and it’s going out to however many people subscribe but when we are in this moment together you and I are in a one to one communication and if I am thinking about as a marketer all these wonderful people out there I forget that it’s just you and me when we’re engaged like this I forget that’s you and me

and that’s probably it maybe your significant other if they’re there you’ve got on the speaker and you’re and they’re leaning over

so for content graders and I’m I’m putting myself on notice

we should avoid the plural address we should avoid thinking about our audience and how

how bemoaning our fate of a house smaller audience numbers are or

being super psyched about how large our audience numbers aren’t, forget about that and make content

from the perspective of, Hey, I’m talking to you.

And I want you to benefit

and I want to acknowledge that you are giving me your attention.

And so

let’s create content just for you and me and not for an audience. Just us

as always. Now, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the newsletter and give this some thought give this some thought when you’re writing content, how many people are are reading or watching or listening

in the engagement itself. It’s not 1000. It’s not a million, it’s probably one to one maybe communicate like that. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

if you want help with your company’s data model.

would visit Trust Insights calm today and let us know how we can help you.

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