Do Something With Your Marketing: Custom URL Redirects

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Do Something With Your Marketing_ Custom URL Redirects

Public speakers and brands both need ways to make calls to action more memorable, especially from conferences and events. Few things are as memorable as an easy-to-remember domain name. In this short video, see the simple process for making your most recent important content memorable – with no coding involved.

Do Something With Your Marketing: Custom URL Redirects

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In today’s episode, I want to encourage you to make your most important pages memorable with custom domains. So I do a lot of public speaking. And one of the things that people of course, ask all the time is, where can I get a copy of the slides? So a number years ago, I bought a domain called Where can I get the slides calm. And after or just an advance of every talk, I redirect this URL so that it goes to the download for the most recent talk for for the most recent upcoming talk. So let’s look at how you might do this. Because this is something that requires very little technology and is easy to do and has really, really good memory benefits for people to be able to going get what they want a particularly when you’re on stage, nothing is worse. Like for example, I’m about to get on the road to do this aim. If you’re healthier talk look at the length of this URL. There’s no way putting this on.

A slide anyone’s going to remember it. So what do we do with this? we redirect it. I’m going to go to GoDaddy. And you can see here I’m going to take this my domain, where can I get the slides calm, which I bought a while ago. And I’m going to redirect this. I’m going to forward it to a new place,

just clean up the URL here.

And now hit save. And in about an hour, where can I get the slides calm will go to this page instead. So now I can put that URL in my talk and have very little difficulty getting people to remember it when they take a picture of the shot at the end of the slide at the end of the presentation that shows where you can get the slides again, easy for them to remember. easy for them to say they can even talk to their smartphone say, hey, Assistant, go to where can I get the slides dot com. It’s very, very memorable. So if you’ve got important landing pages that you absolutely need people to remember and find their way to that is phonetically on

understandable consider buying a custom domain from wherever any domain name registrar and you don’t need to set up a website for it. All you need to do is set up a forward in your domain manager and you will be able to send people on to wherever you like. Make it easy for them, make it convenient for them. And that way you can get the traffic conversions the results from an event that you’re looking for. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel into the newsletter and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care

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