You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Skills That Help You Get Hired

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You Ask, I Answer_ Marketing Skills That Help You Get Hired

Patrick asks, “What skills will increase your odds of getting hired as a marketer in 2018?”

To answer this question, we need to understand the marketing lifecycle and where our particular skills map to it. What area or areas do you specialize in? What areas are you weak in? Watch the video for the full explanation.

You Ask, I Answer: Marketing Skills That Help You Get Hired

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On today’s you ask I answer Patrick asks what skills will increase your odds of getting hired as a marketer in, Alright, so, marketing in general,

all kinds of big

entity, right? But there are some things in general about the marketing lifecycle about how we do marketing that will inform what skills we need to build.

Generally speaking, the marketing lifecycle is six parts. In fact, let’s bring it up here.

We have to begin by aligning our marketing with strategy with goals with business objectives, the things that make business work is our marketing aligned to those things. It is great if it isn’t then we need to realign our marketing set new marketing strategies and marketing goals. Support the overall business objectives and business goals so clearly for more senior practice.

There are a lot of skills there that are important to be hired as a market to be able to demonstrate that you can that you can align your marketing with the business, right? So business qualifications, business skills. The second stage in the marketing lifecycle is research, market research, marketing research. So, researching the audience, who is your audience? Who is the audience that you care about? What do they like? What are they interested in? What are they talking about? What are the current topics of the day?

What are their current trends, the macro stuff, the ability to do qualitative and quantitative research and pull together an understanding of what your marketing needs to be in order to be as impactful as possible. Competitive research is super important here as well. So if you have research skills, good market research skills, certainly that’s something that will help you get hired as a marketer today and the ability to use technology as part

of the research to process to accelerate the insights you get into make more accurate insights. The third stage in the marketing lifecycle is create to be able to make stuff creating content of all kinds from ebooks and webinars and, and advertisements and video interviews and things. Being able to create campaigns and operate a marketing automation system is really important. Being able to to create all sorts of visuals and different formats, everything from bus advertisements, to radio ads, to podcast inserts,

to infographics to interactive apps for your phone. All these creative skills are an essential set of marketing and it’s something that again, if you are going to specialize in that or you want you’re going to work in a small business where you need to be able to do multiple things. This is an essential set of skills you must be able to do

the four

stage in the lifecycle is distribution. It’d be able to distribute what you’re doing your marketing, publish it wherever it’s appropriate from editorial and and content and blogs and YouTube videos and advertisements and banners and display and retargeting and native.

And you name it anywhere that you’re putting the content you’ve created out into the world to attract. Attention is a important skill distribution, the ability to distribute content at scale to distribute your marketing at scale. And notice this is a lot of this is online and offline, too. So there’s as much as I love digital. As much as I love

the machines and the internet. There is a fair amount of human stuff here too. So distribution also includes things like trade shows, conferences, events, networking, one on one meetings, coffee, chats, dinners, all those things that are offline that are still part of the experience that you want your brand to.

Deliver that’s false in the distribution categories, you’ve got to be able to do those things. And again, if you have a specialization in distribution, that is definitely something that it will help in terms of skills. The fifth area is activation to be able to take that stuff that you distribute and published out there and activated to turn up the volume on it. And these are skills that are

amplification skill. So the ability to do outreach, paid or unpaid reaching out to your audiences. Email Marketing, for example, would would fall into that category advertising content based advertising Pay Per Click search all those things that can get a get eyeballs on to a campaign

advertising of all kinds falls in this category, as well as both distribution and activation. Try and make sure you’re in front of the right audiences at the right time in the right place. A key part of activation in these days in the modern world. It is influencers being able to use influencers intelligently to get

people to pay attention to your content, to pay attention to your marketing to pay attention to your company. So sending influencers to events, to competitive events to trade shows to all these different things

pop up stores in Times Square or, you know, blimps over Gillette Stadium would be all different types of activation. So if you have activation skills, to be able to bring something to life, and finally, and one that’s near and dear to my heart, of course, is measurement, the ability to determine what’s working to quantify the activities that you’ve done and connect them, validate them, connect them to the goals and the strategies that you have set down and that you established in the very beginning step and then you this this is a cycle so you continually refine, you continually tune your overall marketing and so if you do that,

if you have these skills, then you have increased your odds of being hired as a marketer and 28

And there’s two ways you can go about this for if you’re going to work in the small to mid sized business you want to be what’s

called a sort of a a t shaped person where you have the ability to do a little bit of everything and then you’re really good at one thing within these buckets. So you maybe

you are good enough at strategy you’re good enough creation but you’re super amazing at at managing and identifying influencers, maybe that’s your thing. That is something that will help in the small to midsize business

as you as you move up to enterprises, if you choose to work in enterprises, and then you’re going to become probably special, highly specialized in one of these areas. And you may still be that T shirt, but the top will shrink down because you won’t have as much reach into the all aspects of the company at least until you become like the CMO or something but you’re going to have a super deep specialization on just that one section. So developing

All the skills. So let’s say you were doing market research, you might even specialize in market research for

audio. And you might be the person that everybody in the company knows to talk to you about running Spotify ads, so

you still need to have and should have some skills and into the other areas, even at the biggest companies, because people change jobs, people change careers all the time. And you want to be able to move as nimbly as possible between different types of companies. So keeping your skills fresh and current in each of these areas. And that’s the other thing I think is really important. And it’s not in most HR and talent management perspectives,

you need the skills you have to be fresh, you need them to be current, you need them to be up to date with what’s happening in the world right now, if you are not able to use analytics tools, your career as a marketer is in danger if you’re not able to, to be able to publish

ad in today’s modern advertising system is your career viability isn’t dangerous. So at least being current on what’s happening and all these things is really important. So that is how you increase your odds getting hired as a marketer in 2018, you need to be able to, to check the box on all these things and then be really good at something. And hopefully that’s something that’s something that something that the market wants desperately the more the market wants it, the more likely you are to be able to get the job and get the job at a compensation premium. So great question, Patrick. As always, please subscribe to the YouTube channel and the email newsletter and we’ll talk to you soon. Take care

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