Friday Feeling_ The Future of Agencies in an AI World

In today’s #FridayFeeling, some thoughts about the future of agencies in an AI-powered business world.

Great agencies provide four core benefits:

  • Raw talent to do the work (saving time and possibly money)
  • Domain expertise and experience
  • Scalability
  • Less overhead

In other words, agencies offer the same benefits that many tout for AI. What must agencies do to avoid being replaced by AI?

  • Outrace clients to adopt technology faster and better (temporary increase to margins)
  • Outrace clients to build domain knowledge about AI in the vertical (providing training, counsel, strategy, possibly even data)
  • Build systems they own (or lock in strategic partners) and can offer on subscription – agencies already well familiar with retainers, which is a fancy word for subscription
  • Double down on creativity, judgement, and multidisciplinary strategy

Watch the video for full details.

#FridayFeeling: The Future of Agencies in an AI World
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