#FridayFeeling: May the Force Be With You

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#FridayFeeling_ May the Force Be With You

A special, purely-fun episode of #FridayFeeling in which we consider both the Jedi and Sith Codes, why both are wrong, and how it applies to modern-day life. May the Force be with you always, friends.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: All things Star Wars™ are the copyright of Lucasfilm and Disney.

#FridayFeeling: May the Force Be With You

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May the force be with you. It is may 4 is just our worst day and for this Friday feeling thought we’d do something completely different. Not business related not marketing analytics related at all just a little bit of fun. The

the day is Star Wars Day May 4. It is

so called because of the expression for the movies, may the force be with you. And it’s interesting when you think about the two factions around this this mythical energy. There’s the Jedi perspective in the Sith perspective, the Jedi code even says there is no emotion, there’s peace. There’s no ignorance. There is knowledge. There’s no passion. There was serenity. There’s no chaos. There’s harmony. There’s no death. There is the force that’s one perspective.

And then the other perspective, the code of the Sith is.

is a lie. There’s only passion. The passion I gained strength strength I gain power the power I gain victory through victory I break my chains. The fourth she’ll set me free I think it’s kind of a neat way of looking at this idea of this this uncontrollable but usable channel energy and depending on which

pre or post Disney universe in Star Wars you believe in

a whole bunch of different perspectives on this. But what’s

interesting and fun about it is that

neither perspective is right now that perspective is the correct one in the sense that they’re both very one sided there is the jet I perspective, which is abolishing a lot of what you individuality is waiting yourself of emotion and passion, so you can gain peace and serenity getting rid of disorder and K.

us to create harmony

and of course we know life isn’t like that life is filled with emotions and passions and sometimes there’s a good thing. Sometimes those are bad things.

There’s chaos, but without chaos. You can’t have luck.

And so there’s that perspective and on both side of the Sith,

which is typically associate with the dark side the negative you have same passions strength and power and victory all these things that you can

you can see the beta lead can lead to dark ends to to improper ends someone’s striving for strength and power and victory is probably going to make some choices that might not be ethically great

seeking power for its own ends or seeking to win. Just to win are not necessarily great outcomes. But again, these are two perspectives that are having.

of a whole and so if you go one or the other. You don’t see that point where they intersect where you have to have both emotion and logic we have to have peace and passion, you have to have chaos and order we have to have serenity and

and and a little bit of, you know,


this is a really good analogy for where we are today as a society

as a world because

we thanks to things like technology and social media have become very, very

contained in our own little bubbles. Look, this is the this is the right perspective, this is the wrong perspective and there’s not a lot of that. Okay, well, where they where do they intersect. Where’s the balance between them.

Think about how people approach religion and politics and even business, even in marketing, there

are in the debates that we have about what’s the appropriate method for doing X or Y,

we take very, very polar perspectives. I was having a conversation just yesterday with someone who is saying

in their industry. They’ve been doing more handling of crises than ever before. Because so much people are just digging into their position

in the old pre Disney

acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. The new Jedi Order under Luke Skywalker tried to find that balance to say, neither perspective is right both perspectives ended up with

massive losses of life and really bad things happening. And so if you can find that middle ground between the two. That’s.

The Way to go, and it’s kind of telling actually that in the post acquisition

the powers that be at Disney corporate have have reverted that entire universe to this those two black and white perspectives. You either one or the other. There’s no middle ground

kind of interesting because it speaks about sort of the ethos of the times of the society in which we’re doing stuff

when you look at what’s happening and all the other things like superhero movies stuff they are

they are tending back towards that, you know, one perspective or the other and no middle ground

the takeaway from this is

whether it’s Star Wars and Marvel or DC or Washington DC, or the church or temple or mosque.

There is no one right answer to anything.

Because the idea that there is a right answer is in itself, kind of a delusion, there are better and worse outcomes. There are outcomes to do more harm than good outcomes to do more good than harm but there’s always going to be a mix you

it’s very difficult to get pure anything anyone who’s done any work in chemistry knows that it’s extremely hard to get a pure anything.

And if we can figure out in our cells in our businesses and our marketing in our work with machines that

that balance and that mix of things is what will really yield sustainable long term results will be much better off so on Star Wars Day. Hope you enjoy it. Regardless of which faction you associate with more

and may the force be with you.

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