You Ask, I Answer: What Marketing Channels Should You Learn?

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You Ask, I Answer_ What Marketing Channels Should You Learn_

Jonell asks, “There are so many options in digital marketing today. What channels should we focus on learning?”

Great question – and an important one to predict. Using predictive analytics, we can look forward to what’s likely to grow in digital marketing, based on search volume. Let’s take a look at 15 well-known digital marketing channels to see what people are likely to search for most in the months to come.

You Ask, I Answer: What Marketing Channels Should You Learn?

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In today’s you ask I answer one of the questions got was where is digital marketing going, what should we be paying attention to. So what I’ve done here is put together a predictive forecast. This is something we do at my company and looked at a whole bunch of different marketing channels affiliate marketing content marketing, email marketing influencer marketing and so on and so forth and forecasts forward for the next year. What is going to be hot and what’s not every category is ranked on a scale of zero to 100 not meaning that zero means no audience interest. No one’s searching for. It’s based on five years of Google Search data forecasted forward so zero means nobody cares 100 means everybody cares that moment and numbers greater than 100 mean that in the forecast that category is growing. It’s going to be even bigger than it is today. So let’s look at.

What we’ve got for the remainder of 2018. I’m going to resort this year by by volume right now the hot thing influencer marketing hundred 55 out of 100 so forecast for the rest of your discontinued increased interest in this followed by affiliate marketing Facebook ads Google AdWords LinkedIn content marketing and so on and so forth. When we dig into what’s coming for Resort this little bit we see pretty much the same order all that we see that LinkedIn ads

actually goes up a bit. So clearly, many of these channels here so you have influencer marketing is the outlier and affiliate marketing with it makes sense affiliate marketing is how a fair number of influencers make money, right. So, these two trends should grow together and we had this middle pack of what I would call the the the modern digital era, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, stuff like that. And then you have.

Sort of the old school paperclip SEO and then a little bit of native if we add in let’s go ahead and just show a percentage change year over year

difference and do defense across the table.

If we look at what’s changing what the percentage changes year over year

influencer marketing look at the different 79.79%

growth from the rest of 2018 to 2019 that is a massive juggernaut affiliate marketing up 13% LinkedIn ads up 10% display advertising 8% Public Relations up 6% social media marketing up 5%. So definitely growth in all these categories Twitter ads Google Ads Facebook ads and then down here where we see some declines content marketing to small decline. Pay Per Click email marketing and SEO. So in terms of where you.

You should be putting your it least time and research and growing your knowledge definitely these categories. Right. These are the categories. Let’s go ahead and resort for the rest of 2018 for the rest 2018 if if you were to focus on five things, it would be influencers and their affiliates Facebook ads Google AdWords and LinkedIn ads and then if you have the opportunity to focus on all this stuff then obviously you know spend some time on any really on any category where over 50 because people at least half interested in that and there’ll be some

some growth opportunities there if we were to look at this over time. Let’s go ahead and go

in by time.

Look at how influencer marketing. This is

the Gold Line

is July and October and January March, really, you see.

These big spikes happening at the beginning of every quarter. As you know, people start ramping up more and more programs you see other things affiliate marketing kind of following a similar more mute pattern we have Facebook ads Facebook ads, of course, more interest in Facebook ads as the retail season begins. And then you see this retail drop off the drop off here you see this general depression here right around between Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Bear in mind that a lot of this data because it’s in the English language is going to be very Western world centric so you’ll have the Western world holidays impacting it pretty considerably. And over time, you can see these these bottom channels here just kind of there now. Does that mean you should stop doing SEO for example. No, because when you think about it for all these channels here like influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. These are people and behaviors right

SEO doesn’t serve people SEO serves machines. So it’s it.

It has a different audience and those machines don’t need to Google for SEO.

So keep that in mind as well take that with a grain of salt, but definitely in terms of what where audience interest is and where people want to learn more. There is no question we’re where people need to be spending their time and bear in mind this is also not a comprehensive forecast either. There’s a million different channels. There are a million different

ways to do digital marketing and putting them all into this sort of predictive analysis would take a fair bit of time. So just for the purposes of today’s us to answer about the question of where should we be spending our time.

These are probably the most well known channels for the most part, and where you might want to invest

some focus. As always, if you have questions, please.

submit them to the US guy answer link as subscribed to the newsletter and to the YouTube channel and if you’d like this kind of forecast for your industry. This is something that my company for interest in sites does feel free to reach out and ask about anyway. Great question. Thanks for watching and talk to you soon.

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