My 2017 Instagram Best 9 Photos Data Visualization

Lots of folks are publishing a nice little montage of their best 9 Instagram photos using one of the many #Best9 apps available. I have two problems with these apps.

First, it’s not clear what constitutes best 9 from a measurement perspective. Likes? Comments? A blend? Sum? Average? Median? There’s really no way to know and no flexibility.

Second, it’s not clear how rigorous the various privacy policies of these apps are. When we connect an app to a social media account, it can request all kinds of permissions we may not want to give.

What’s a marketing data scientist to do? Create our own, of course. Using data from social media monitoring tools such as Crowdtangle, I built an interactive visualization of my Instagram Best 9. To use it, hover over any of the blue bars to see the associated photo.

Simply hover over the bars to see which photos made the cut based on the sum of engagements.

Want this for yourself? As long as you’ve got Tableau and a data source, you can make a copy of the workbook.

If you enjoy these photos, feel free to connect with me on Instagram at @cspenn.

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