AI for Marketers: An Introduction and Primer

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AI for Marketers- An Introduction and Primer

We’ve read about AI and marketing for years now. We’ve heard the promises of AI and how it changes marketing for the better, makes us more efficient, helps us unlock vast potential trapped in our data.

Yet, marketers still remain confused by AI and machine learning. What is it, really? How does it work? What problems can AI solve today? I’ve written AI for Marketers: An Introduction and Primer to walk you through the AI landscape.

In this primer for marketers, you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of AI in algorithms
  • The types of machine learning
  • The AI landscape
  • AI in content creation
  • AI in conversational marketing
  • AI in marketing distribution
  • AI in analytics
  • How to prepare your career for AI
  • How to tell what’s real and what’s hype

Purchase your copy of AI for Marketers today! You’ll receive:

  • PDF edition for desktop computers
  • ePub/Mobi editions for mobile devices and e-Readers
  • MP3 audiobook version (read to you by an AI, of course)
  • You’ll also receive infrequent updates for free as future versions and updates come out.

Download your copy of AI for Marketers here.


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