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Healthcare IT marketing is one of the hottest, fastest growing industries in the world as digital health, precision medicine, and artificial intelligence meet traditional healthcare. This week, I’m speaking at the BrandHIT Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, put on by HIMSS, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, about building data-driven customer journeys in healthcare.

As part of the lead-up to the conference, I sat down with one of my SHIFT colleagues, Katie McGraw-Paul, to chat about some of the more pressing issues in healthcare IT marketing.

What are the upcoming trends in healthcare IT marketing?

HIMSS #BrandHIT Top Issues in Healthcare Marketing
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How do we measure the ROI of healthcare IT marketing?

HIMSS #BrandHIT Measuring Marketing ROI
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What are the top challenges for healthcare IT marketers?

HIMSS #BrandHIT Top Challenges in Healthcare IT Marketing
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What are the top priorities for healthcare IT marketers?

HIMSS #BrandHIT Marketing Priorities
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There’s no field more complex than healthcare marketing, due to the myriad regulations and challenges facing payers, providers, and patients. I’ll be sharing conference insights throughout the event on my Twitter stream as well.

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