Your 2017 Marketing Quick Tuneup Checklist

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As the new year casts off from the docks and we launch into our marketing, make sure to run down this brief checklist to ensure your marketing is seaworthy. Is this a comprehensive list? Not at all. But this is the bare minimum to ensure you’re not leaving the dock with gaping holes in the hull, taking on water the moment you cast off.


Have you:

  • Cleaned your lists of non-deliverable addresses?
  • Checked your DNS settings for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC changes?
  • Checked your email provider for blacklisting?
  • Enrolled in your own nurture/drip campaigns to see if they still make sense?
  • Refreshed your messaging?


Have you:

  • Refreshed your influencer lists?
  • Run your posts from the last 90 days through sentiment and tone analysis to ensure you’re speaking with a voice aligned to your brand?
  • Replied and responded to all recent customer/audience messages?

Organic Search

Have you:


Have you:

  • Chatted with your PR team/agency about upcoming stories?
  • Used a competitive SEO tool to find out where competitors are earning news?
  • Reached out to your friendly journalists/media contacts and established contact after the holidays?


Have you:

  • Refreshed your ad creatives?
  • Refreshed your messaging?
  • Checked your bid amounts and caps?
  • Checked your audience quality and targeting?


Have you:

  • Validated that your analytics tags are on all your pages?
  • Validated that your analytics tags are all firing correctly?
  • Switched to a tag manager?
  • Read any of the reports your systems generate at least once, thoroughly?


Have you:

  • Ensured all forms are posting data correctly to your marketing automation software?
  • Updated all your software to current versions?
  • Checked your domain registrations for expirations?

Do the Basics Right

As I said at the beginning, this is not an exhaustive list. This is more like a vehicle maintenance checkup, an inspection you should conduct once per quarter.

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3 responses to “Your 2017 Marketing Quick Tuneup Checklist”

  1. Great stuff as always. Happy New Year to you and yours! Oh, I’ve shared this everywhere, however I’ve long since given up on winning anything for it….

    1. Happy new year and thanks. I haven’t run a contest in years. Might be time to dust that off…

      1. Well, at the end of your eMail for subscribers you post people that shared the most every week. I thought that was the contest….

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