No Marketing Uni-Taskers In Your Kitchen

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Food expert Alton Brown is fond of saying that the only uni-tasker that belongs in the kitchen, the device which performs one function only, is the fire extinguisher. Everything else in his kitchen must have multiple purposes or it contributes to clutter. Everything from the food processor to the spatula must have more than one use, more than one function, more than one dish it can make.

What’s in Your Marketing Kitchen?

Consider our marketing “kitchen” for a moment. Consider all the tools we have in the marketing kitchen. Facebook. Email. Twitter. Google Analytics. Native advertising.

Have you set out multiple ways to use each tool? Have you learned the different ways a tool can be put to use?

For example, many marketers think of Google Analytics as purely a web analytics product. Google Analytics can do so much more:

  • Social media measurement. With ingestion of data from social networks, we can measure pull through – social activity and social traffic, to better understand our efforts.
  • Email marketing measurement. With correct campaign tagging, we can assess the value of any individual email campaign.
  • Weather impact on retail traffic. With weather data and either foot traffic counters or an equivalent metric, we can assess the impact of weather on our retail sales.

Let’s look at another example: Twitter. How many ways can we use Twitter?

  • As a social media monitoring platform to understand trends among a specific audience.
  • As a customer service platform.
  • As a source of qualitative data, especially with Audience Insights.
  • As an advertising platform, with tools like Lead Generation cards.
  • As a remarking platform to nurture prospects.

Innovation comes from learning to apply tools and technologies in different ways.

What Tools Do You Use Too Narrowly?

Look at your marketing operations. What tools don’t get enough use? What tools could have more than one purpose?

When we examine our marketing kitchen and expand our minds to see more than the out-of-the-box functionality, what tools don’t we use enough?

Make a commitment in your next marketing operations review to explore what else is possible with the tools you already own.

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