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Food for Thought

In this week’s Food for Thought, a thought about how new technology invades the workplace. New technology is generational; as people become accustomed to new technologies outside the workplace, they eventually find their way into the workplace.

Generation X brought the Internet and email into the workplace.

Generation Y brought social media in.

Generation Z brought the smartphone revolution.

Look carefully at what people outside the workforce are using today. In 5-10 years, you’ll be using something like that in the workplace.

What should you be marketing with? Again, look at the list above.

Generations are comfortable with the technologies they arrived with, just as generations are comfortable with the music they listened to in their formative years. They may adapt to new workplace realities, new technologies, but they will still feel an affinity to what they know best.

This Week in Marketing

The Evolution of the Data-Driven Company

Marketing Analytics: Are You Measuring Time?

7 Snapshots of the Future Ahead

Seth’s Blog: Sort by price

The 3 Types of Content All Good ABM Strategies Need via A Sales Guy

Social Media Marketing

How to Tweet from the Command Line/Terminal

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer via Bloomberg

Media and Public Relations

What is Data-Driven PR, Part 4: Hypothesizing

Go On a Media Diet via

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Tools, Tech, and AI

Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Huge Changes at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft via WIRED

The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language via TechCrunch

What is a blockchain, and why is it growing in popularity? via Ars Technica

Analytics, Stats, and Measurement

Tackling predictive uncertainty with Monte Carlo statistical analysis via IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub

Kevin Hillstrom: MineThatData: Triggers in Modern Cataloging

Introduction to API (Application Program Interface) for Data Science

SEO, Google, and Advertising

How to Create Expanded Text Ads [Guide + FREE Template] via WordStream

Which Page Markup + Tags Still Matter for SEO? via Whiteboard Friday via Moz

Google & Bing increase the file size limit of Sitemaps files

5 Takeaways from Earning Links in 130 Countries via Moz

Did Fake News Reveal a Winning SEO Strategy and Content Marketing Formula?

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Good Reads and Interesting Stuff

Many Boom-Time Startups Are Fizzling Out via Bloomberg

Biggest-Ever Coral Die-Off Reported on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef via Scientific American

Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership via Verge 2021

Intel moves away from wearables after Basis Peak failure

Fun, Games, and Entertainment

2016 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar via The Atlantic

Off-Ramp via Cocktail history: You don’t want to know what your parents were drinking in 1966 via 89.3 KPCC

Flying cars are closer than you think via Verge 2021

Economics, Politics, and Society

Elon Musk: We Need Universal Income Because Robots Will Steal All the Jobs

Election 2016: We just saw what voters do when they feel screwed. Here’s the economic theory of why they do it — Quartz

Hackers are holding San Francisco’s light-rail system for ransom via The Verge

Huge Cracks In the West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Signal Its Collapse

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