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How do you start to lead in a world of bad leadership?

You begin with two simple, but courageous words:

Not here.

We don’t control the nation, the Oval Office, the Congress, or even our state or town (unless you’re the elected official), no matter what party or person is currently in office. We can make our voices heard, but we have no control over them.

What do we control?

  • We do control ourselves.
  • We do control our families.
  • We do control our neighborhoods.
  • We do control our workplaces.

Change begins with not here.

  • Discrimination? Not here.
  • Hate? Not here.
  • Racism? Not here.
  • Sexism? Not here.
  • Intolerance? Not here.
  • Bigotry? Not here.
  • Dishonesty? Not here.

You have the power to say "not here".

You have the power to create safe spaces, to create environments which foster the values you stand for.

You have the obligation, in your own domain, to countermand as much as possible what may happen outside your sphere of influence that runs contrary to your values.

Begin by defining what here means, and what you will not stand for. Then enforce it wherever you have authority to do so.

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