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I’m honored and proud to be a part of IBM’s newest book, 23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data. In this collaborative work with the Watson Analytics Predictioneers, we share our insights about how data powers your business, changes the world around you for the better, and helps you improve yourself.

Data is only as good as the work we do with it, the outcomes we produce. Thousands of companies have millions of data stockpiles laying around like untapped gold mines. If we have the correct analysis, the sharpest insights, the greatest curiosity, and the guts to take the data bull by the horns, we’ll harvest those mines.

  • We transform data into analysis, our understanding of what happened.
  • We transmute analysis into insight, our explanation of why things happened.
  • We build on insights to create strategy, our plan for what to do next.

If you recall from Leading Innovation, the innovation process begins with learning – and learning these days begins with data. Without data and the tools to analyze it well (such as Watson Analytics), we confine ourselves to experience, intuition, and outright guessing. If we don’t master data, we risk giving our competitors or the market as a whole significant leverage over us.

In 23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data, I’m proud to join co-authors Jessie Liu, Deborah Berebichez, Juntae Delane, John Cook, Anil Batra, Valdis Krebs, Bob Hayes, Randy Krum, William McKnight, Jeremy Pincus, and Emilio Ferrara as we share ideas for:

  • Increasing Sales Opportunities
  • Finding New Markets
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Retaining Customers
  • Identifying KPIs
  • Becoming a Citizen Analyst
  • Learning Data Storytelling
  • Mapping Your Network of Influence
  • Changing Preconceived Notions with Data
  • Predicting Outcomes with Data

…And so much more. Download your free copy here.

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