How to use Facebook to create political change [VIDEO]

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Many people question whether our constant sharing of political news on Facebook does any good. After all, we tend to attract similarly-minded friends in many ways, so does sharing the politics news of the day truly change anything?

This is a valid criticism of the echo chamber, of the fishbowl effect in social media. However, there is a way we can use Facebook (or any other ad-supported social media platform) to create real political change: we can drive voter registration.

In today’s video tutorial, I show you how to create real change with Facebook by setting up a local advertising campaign to drive voter registration. You’ll learn how to set up a Page quickly, then how to create an ad in support of your cause without violating any Federal Election Commission regulations. You’ll create the ad, choose your ad spend, and drive voter registration for the political perspective of your choice.

Can’t see anything? Click here to visit this video on YouTube.

Let’s put our money where our mouths and keyboards are and make this the highest participation election in US history.

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