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In this multi-part series, we’ll take a tour through Google’s newest digital tool, Data Studio. We’ll look at it from a marketer’s perspective, including:

Part 2: A Video Walkthrough of Data Studio

Google’s Data Studio makes wonderful interactive dashboards. In this 17-minute video introduction, we’ll walk through how to connect data sources, what data sources are included, how to hack around some of the data source limitations, and we’ll build our first dashboard.

In the video, we first show how to add text, images, and data, then look at a data storytelling narrative around visualizing Twitter data, blending Twitter data with Google Analytics Twitter-specific data. If you’d like to try out the final product, simply click this link to view:


As a reminder, users receive 5 dashboards for free under the current plan.

Next: Strategic Best Practices

In the next part in this series, we’ll discuss strategic best practices for marketing dashboards.

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