The UK referendum to exit the European Union creates a vast cloud of the worst thing for business: uncertainty. Article 50 of the EU constitution, the lawful secession of a member state, has never been exercised until now.

How do business leaders and marketers consider this turn of events?

The short answer: too soon to tell.

The longer answer: rely, rely, rely on your data. Rely on your analytics. Rely on measurement. Measure what’s critical to your business frequently. If you’re concerned about exposure to this (or any other international event), you should be checking your data much more frequently to detect changes as quickly as possible.


Business (and marketing) is like driving. Right now, we’re driving in stormy weather. You must have both hands on the wheel, foot ready to react to the slightest change in traffic or slipperiness of the road. Your eyes must be solely on the road, focused, attentive.

The equivalent of focusing only on the road in stormy weather is checking your data, performing frequent analysis, and making adjustments quickly.

All storms pass eventually. This will, too. For now, follow the martial arts credo taught by my teacher Stephen K. Hayes: Awake! Aware! Alert! Alive!

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