How I schedule social media content with Buffer [VIDEO]

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No fewer than a half dozen people have asked me recently how I’m scheduling my social media content. Here’s a quick video that shows the entire process in just 11 minutes a day or so, depending on how fast you read.

Click here for the full size version on YouTube.

In this video, the following things are mentioned: for content curation
Flaticon for default art (paid)
Flickr for photo storage and sharing
Buffer, obviously
Buffer’s Pablo app
Tamsen Webster’s Buffer image tip
Moz FollowerWonk for Buffer timing
Buffer Optimal Timing Tool for Buffer timing

I do want to emphasize strongly that this process is my particular way of doing it. It is not “the right way”, nor is it appropriate for a company with an actual social media team that can devote lots of hours and effort to curating content that’s unique and tailored to each channel. This is a methodology more suited for a solo proprietor/individual practitioner who doesn’t have hours a day to devote to content scheduling.

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