Summarizing Seth Godin at #INBOUND15 in 16 tweets

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The opening keynote of INBOUND15 was none other than Seth Godin. In 16 tweets, here’s what he had to say:

A concise summation of marketing’s role.

Rather than who your customers are now. What’s aspirational to them?

Ask yourself the tough question. Would anyone miss you?

Most people behave in an opposite fashion. They want to take credit and shift blame.

“This might work. This might not work.”

Another perspective on marketing.

Our fear of risk mires us down in the procedural.

The literal truth. Resumes. CVs. LinkedIn profiles. None of it speaks to what you will do next that’s great, because you haven’t done it yet.

A reference to being the linchpin.

A reference to what’s stopping us from innovating. It’s not technology. It’s fear.

A reference to Tribes and not trying to please everyone.

No one can reassure you that something which has never been done before is going to work.

Infinite games are games without winning or endings, like playing catch with your children.

Referencing connection.

Referencing Tribes again; you don’t need permission as much as you need connection and a common purpose.

The final word of the evening, and a great way to think about how we as marketers must change.

Looking forward to INBOUND15 day 2. If you’re at the event, see you at 1:30 for my talk on Measuring PR in the 21st Century.

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