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“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” – Andy Warhol, 1968

These days, your 15 minutes of fame are more likely than ever thanks to social media and the Internet. In just hours, you can go from obscurity to the front page of every news site, from unknown to speaking with national government leaders.

However, as Warhol pointed out, attention is fleeting. No one keeps the spotlight forever. If your company is fortunate enough (or has a good enough PR agency) to get the spotlight, how do you make the most of it?

Here are the basic steps for how to capture your 15 minutes of fame:

15 minutes of fame.png

Step 1: Prepare. Fame is like a tidal wave. You might or might not see it coming, and unless it’s massive, you don’t get a sense of how powerful it is until the wave breaks. Prepare in advance, the same way a surfer paddles out in advance to catch the wave. What should you prepare?

  • An email marketing system. You’ll need a way to capture email addresses.
  • Analytics. Best in class tools like Google Analytics let you segment your visitors. Be sure to define goals and goal values!
  • Remarketing. Remarketing is a powerful advertising system, but only if it’s deployed in advance.

Example: in Twitter’s Ad Manager, you can set up a custom web-based audience tracker. I’d recommend having a handful of remarketing tags pre-made, with the tracking tags stored in Evernote or dormant in your CMS.


That way, if something starts to happen, all you need to do is fish out the tag and deploy it immediately.

Step 2: Tag. The moment you see the wave headed your way, get your tags live, turn on your systems, create segmentations in Google Analytics, and make sure your audiences are being identified by your systems. It’s important to have real-time analytics turned on so you can validate that things are working as intended:


Step 3: Capture. When you’ve got the spotlight, be proactive (nicely) about asking people to take action. Ask them to subscribe, ask them to follow you, ask them to visit your website/blog. Get them into the places where conversions are trackable, where audiences are taggable. Don’t assume people will automatically do what you want them to do.

Step 4: Remarket. No wave lasts forever. In fact, few waves last for more than a split second. When the attention fades, when the spotlight moves on, reach out to everyone you’ve tagged, tracked, and captured.


As soon as the spotlight moves on, turn on your remarketing ads and remind people why they visited you in the first place. Send them an email with tangible next steps they can take, and what’s next for you. You got the spotlight for a reason; extend that reason with what’s next and why people should continue to remain interested in you.

Whether or not you ever recapture the spotlight, if you prepare and execute well, you can make your 15 minutes of fame deliver lasting impact to your business.

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