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Signs of the recession

A brief reminder for those folks whose companies have more than one office/group/division/franchise/department:

To the outside world, you are one company.

Your social media team represents the same company as your call center. If your service is stellar in one and lackluster in the other, then your company will have the reputation of the weakest link in the chain.

Your high end product bears the same logo as your low end product. Your customers will remember most what they liked least, so if you cut corners on the low end product, chances are they’ll believe you cut corners on the high end one, too.

Your remote franchise at the ends of the earth has the same sign on the front door as your franchise in the biggest city on Earth. People will expect the same experience behind the sign, no matter where they are. If you disappoint in one location, you automatically tarnish all locations.

Your marketing team has to live up to what your PR department promises.

Your sales team has to live up to what your marketing department promises.

Your fulfillment team has to live up to what your sales department promises.

One broken promise makes every previous promise a lie.

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