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There’s a small fortune to be made for any startup or company out there willing to put the work into it. The product is, or will be, the killer app of 2015 and years to come if it’s done well.

What is it? It’s the solution to this problem:


Every single new messaging and social app is its own inbox. Instead of inbox zero, we’re now chasing post office zero.

We’ve got social media management down reasonably well, at least on the big networks. You can use tools like Buffer to publish and Hootsuite to listen, and they do a good job, especially for the price you pay. They’re as close to a social inbox as you can get.

But then the world changed again. Now, all of the social media management tools are lagging behind severely, and everyone from individuals like you and me to the biggest corporations are once again having multiple inboxes to check, just to keep up with messaging volume. The irony is that messaging apps were designed to reduce other forms of messaging. Instead, they’ve merely diffused the message stream across many more platforms.

So the killer app for 2015? Give individuals and companies a way to consolidate all of these inboxes, something like Google’s Inbox, but for everything (or everything that matters):


Does anyone know of a tool that puts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber, WeChat, Line, Kik, etc. all in one consolidated stream of messages? If so, leave a note in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @cspenn and I’ll gladly take a look. If it’s capable of solving post office zero for real, I’ll promote the heck out of it, especially if it’s affordable for the individual, like Hootsuite and Buffer are.

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