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Before you start your 2015 marketing, take a few minutes today to do some mise en place, a French cooking term for “everything in its place”.

Get out a notebook and write down all of the ideas that have bubbled up over the holidays. Lots of things coalesced – capture them now before the daily grind obliterates them from memory. You might have thought of the next big thing, but you’ll lose it quickly once routine begins.

Clear out your inbox. Archive 2014. Go ahead, you won’t miss it, and if you do, you can just search the archive.

Unfollow and unfriend the people on social media who are focus vampires. This year, you’re going to need as much focus and discipline as possible. The hardest will be people who you passionately agree with but are distracting nonetheless, like the friend who always posts political stories in your alignment. You agree, you believe what they believe, but their content gets you riled up and distracted. Unfollow them or mute them, or even consider setting up a separate leisure account.

Finally, change your mental diet. Lots of people enter the year on a new physical diet (with varying degrees of efficacy). Change your mental diet by removing blogs that no longer provide useful information to you and seeking out 5-10 new ones. The nice thing about a mental diet change is that it’s easier to stick to. You remove what doesn’t serve you any more and add what does – and rarely, if ever, do you look back.

May 2015 be the year in which you achieve the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for!

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