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That’s the most common thing I’ve heard from marketers like you when it comes to making use of your data. You get stuck when you try to analyze your data. You get stuck when you look for insights. You get stuck trying to create a coherent strategy from your analysis.

The worst stuck is when your boss asks you for an answer that you don’t have.

I wrote Marketing Blue Belt to help get you unstuck. If you follow the steps and the framework in the book, you’ll have a roadmap for freeing yourself from a prison of data and analytics.

Marketing Blue Belt Cover

You’ll learn a comprehensive framework with many examples, how-to guides, and ideas to make your data work for you. You’ll elevate your understanding of what good data is, how to analyze it, and how to turn your insights into working strategies. You can put the framework to use no matter what size or kind of business you are, from a kid’s lemonade stand to a Fortune 500 company.

Grab your copy today, dig in, and find your way out of the maze that your data has forced you in.

Here’s to getting unstuck!

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