Measure your video content marketing with monetization!

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The era of eyeballs alone is slowly coming to a close as more marketers demand tangible results from their efforts. One of the easiest ways to prove the quality of your marketing is to fulfill Jay Baer’s Youtility statement: marketing so good, people would pay for it.

While you may or may not be able to sell your content directly, you can put it up for bid in advertising systems as a proxy for people paying for it. The channel most overlooked for monetization these days is YouTube. That’s unfortunate, since it’s so easy to do. Let’s explore the basic steps.

First, you need to have a channel on YouTube. This is now enabled by default when you set up your YouTube account. The first place you’ll go is the video manager, under From here, find your channel menu [1]:


After you’ve found your channel, choose Status and Features. You’ll need to resolve any outstanding issues with your YouTube account, such as verification or copyright compliance [2].

Let’s assume that you’re good to go and your account is valid. Click the Monetization Enable button [3] and YouTube will give you the option to monetize your videos with a variety of different ads:


The first option puts a lower-third ad in your videos. Bear in mind that a lower-third ad can obscure things like subtitles or your own graphics in videos, so take that into consideration. The second option puts one of those 5-second skippable ads in front of your video. It’s more annoying to the average user (who wants to see the video) but it doesn’t alter the way your content appears. Choose the option that makes the most sense for your video content.

Finally, you’ll be asked to associate your YouTube account with a Google AdSense account (or set one up if you don’t have one):


Assuming everything worked, the next time you look in your video manager, you’ll see the $ sign appear next to eligible videos. Note that videos which are unlisted or private will be ineligible for ads:


This is the acid test of whether your video content is appealing or not. If your videos and ads get no views and earn no money, then your content game might need improving. If your content marketing videos are so popular that they generate revenue on their own, then your content game is strong.

Will you make a ton of money? Probably not. At best, you’re likely to make beer money for most of your videos. However, what money you do earn is secondary to the proof that if your content is good enough, people will pay for it one way or another.

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