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As promised, I migrated my website to Google’s new Universal Analytics and I thought I’d share the experience. I’d encourage you to do the same. It’s as completely painless a process as you can imagine, because Google cleverly revamped the Analytics interface a while ago. As a result, there’s not much new to learn – a few things have moved places in Admin, but for the most part, you’re on firm ground if you’re using Google Analytics today with no troubles.

To get started, go to your GA admin account settings and choose Universal Analytics upgrade. You’ll be presented with a fairly simple choice:


Click Transfer and come back in about two days. When it’s done, you’ll just implement the new tracking code. If you’re using my favorite Google Analytics WordPress plugin, Google Analyticator, then all you need to do is toggle the Universal Analytics tracking code and you’re live:


What does transferring get you, benefit-wise? You get a few handy things, like the ability to toggle demographics data from the Admin panel without having to change analytics tracking codes. You’ll get some minor improvements on multiscreen tracking. But the big thing you’ll get is relative future-proofing, since Google has declared openly that Universal Analytics is the new standard for GA, and over time, the older tracking codes will be deprecated. New features will only be added to Universal Analytics.

Since it’s painless and fast, you have nothing to lose by upgrading now and future-proofing your analytics for the foreseeable future.

Always remember, after switching tracking codes, to go to Google Analytics Real-Time reporting to make sure your tracking code is working. Fire up Real-Time, then go browse your website and make sure your visit appears. If it doesn’t, go back and check your tracking code implementation to make sure it’s working:


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