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Fire in the fireplace

Food for thought: it’s generally accepted that the business world will restart in about 11 days, on January 3rd. For reasons unknown to me, people around the office and online are not counting January 2nd. I suppose that’s so people can recover as well as dig out from their email.

If you wrote a lengthy blog post every day for the next 11 days of 1,000 words or more, you could assemble them all and have a new 11,000 word eBook ready to kick off the year with strong promotion on January 3rd. Or, let’s assume you work a bit for Christmas Eve and the 3 days after Christmas, plus New Year’s Eve and keep your inbox clean so January 2nd is productive. That gives you 5 days – 40 hours – to crank content when no one else cares. If you write a measly 500 words per hour, that would give you a 20,000 word full-size book by the time businesses spun up on January 3rd.

So consider doing what I’m doing. Take the week off publicly, but hammer away privately, and when everyone else is dusting off the cobwebs on January 2nd, you’ll hit the world hard. Keep the fires of your mind burning, but don’t rest unless you have to.

See you on the other side.

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