A glimpse of the future from Dreamforce

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While this is very much a product pitch for the Salesforce Chatter application, watch this 15 minute excerpt from the Dreamforce conference to be blown away by what’s possible with great technology integration into your marketing and customer service. This exploded my head when I saw it.

Chatter – Featuring Virgin America

If this level of service becomes the gold standard, then many of us have a lot of catching up to do.

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4 responses to “A glimpse of the future from Dreamforce”

  1. Christopher Johnston Avatar
    Christopher Johnston

    The clip you embedded was just Salesforce’s CIO talking about all the money they give away. Which specific clip has the info you are talking about?

  2. trufflemedia Avatar

    I am trying to visualize Virgin team members holding up iPads for the dozens of passengers coming off at SFO looking for their connection or re-connection because of the delayed flight. 🙂 And how about the flight operations person, with fast fingers and a steel trap mental framework to keep focused! It is a sexy scenario.

  3. Oh Lord!
    I grew up in a time when there were no answering machines and television broadcasts stopped around 1am.

    All of this connectedness is actually hurts my productivity.
    26 browser tabs open, a Word doc, a screencasting tool, Excel and Evernote are open. Texts coming into my phone. Emails to reply to …

    Bringing this cloud-based chaos on an airplane seems more like an attractive nuisance. However, for the people that really need this, God bless ’em, they’re gonna have the options available.

    I miss the days when the environment would shut itself off. Today, we’ve got to actively shut the environment off and resist checking email one last time before going to bed; checking Facebook one last time before going to the grocery store, etc.

    Chris, I think you’re the best. Gotta tell ya’ bro, as I watched that video I just felt frikkin exhausted. One planes I just want to nap, look out the window or read a book, and have minimal distractions.

    1. Yeah. This just makes me sad.

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