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On Friday morning, I tweeted this:

Snapshot 9:24:12 7:03 AM

It was just before a talk by Tony Robbins where I knew, in order to receive maximum benefit, I had to be there 100%. I was right – the talk necessitated full engagement, full participation, and no distraction in order to see and hear everything being shared and retain it.

Most of the time, if we’re honest, our daily tasks in life don’t require 100% engagement. We can get away with sort of paying attention to the meeting, sort of reading an article, sort of listening to a customer or a friend, and still be able to deliver satisfactory results. Most of the time, if we’re honest, our daily tasks don’t demand 100% engagement and they don’t especially thrive if we do give it our all. An incredibly boring conference call doesn’t drone on any less if we’re listening 50% or 100% if the speaker is only delivering at 10%.

But sometimes, there are opportunities we’re passing by because we’re not dialed in 100%. Sometimes, we miss the chance to deepen a friendship, close a sale immediately, find love, or improve ourselves because we gave 50% and what was needed was 100% for a (comparatively) short period of time. Our challenge is this: to successfully and rapidly identify 100% times so that we don’t miss our chances to get more juice out of life. The easiest rule of thumb I use is this: if you’re there in person, dial up the meter to 100% until you learn otherwise.

If you’re meeting with someone face to face, turn up the dial.

If you’re attending a class, turn up the dial.

If you’re at an event, turn up the dial.

That means putting your mobile device into airplane mode, putting your possessions in a bag so they can’t distract you, finding optimal conditions nearly to talk and listen, and freeing your body so that your nonverbal language is communicating as strongly as your verbal language.

Are you giving 100% when it’s asked for?

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