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I’ve been saying for a while that I’ve wanted to get rid of the popup on my site in place of a built-in call to action for the newsletter. That day has arrived.

someone (chelpixie) on Twitter

Thanks to the ridiculously hard work of someone, my go-to implementation expert on WordPress, I have a new site design that has exactly that – a bright orange call to action that replaces the popup.

If you’ve ever been tired and frustrated with the popup, you can be glad that it’s gone for now*, and hire Chel to fix up your WordPress-based website to be awesome.

* I’ll be watching my email subscriptions analytics very closely to see if the built-in call to action is more or less effective than the popup. If I see a dramatic decrease… well, you can guess what will make its return 🙂

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7 responses to “The popup is gone!”

  1. I’ll be honest…I looked everywhere for said call-out to your newsletter. Can’t find it anywhere. I see options to book you to speak, subscribe to your blog by email, RSS, or mobile and get an e-book. I even opened it in another browser thinking maybe it was a browser issue. I feel like a doof, but if I can’t find it when looking for it, I’m wondering if it is possible that it could outperform your old pop-up that pleasantly slapped me in the face and wouldn’t be ignored. Good luck!

    1. Turns out I had to add it to the individual pages – see if you see it now!

      1. A-ha! Now I see it. A nicely done Halpern header. I definitely want to see the results of this change. I always throw up a little in my mouth when I have to recommend a pop-up to a client, but I can’t argue with the results. They work. If this works better I’ll jump up and down, do a kart wheel and treat myself to another Chris Penn awesomeness toast! When I see you next, we can toast together. 🙂

        1. My comment? Exactly what Nichole said. I don’t love popups at all. Hate ’em. But … for many folks they work. As you know, CP, I used your popup as an example in my book!!!!

    2. Nichole, I didn’t see it on the direct link until I went to the homepage

  2. Interesting experiment. As well-done as the signup box is, I can’t imagine your subscription rates won’t go down. I presume you received sufficient complaints about the popup to give this a try? Ironically, I am implementing a subscription popup on one of my sites today.

    Oh, and the redesign looks great!

  3. Pop-ups can be annoying, but they work.

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