I enjoyed the chance to chat with everyone at the Blogworld NYC 2012 show. As I mentioned during my talk, my slides are available for you to peruse. Here are the top 10 takeaways, and the slides.

Top 10 Takeaways:

1. Define your outcomes.
2. Value your outcomes and the actions leading up to them.
3. Measure your outcomes with Google Analytics.
4. Avoid the 3 biases.
5. Identify where your funnel is most broken.
6. Create routines around your social practices.
7. Fine-tune the routines until the funnel step that’s most broken is repaired.
8. Repeat until your funnel is working well.
9. Vary up the parts that are working well to make them even better in the long run.
10. Eventually reach proficiency and transcend best practices.


Thanks again to the entire Blogworld team for having me at the show.

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