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New York City photos

Day 2 of Blogworld revealed more useful insights from the many speakers and presenters. I took a bunch of notes, but thought I’d share some of my favorite highlights.

On social photography, the biggest change in composition, according to Steve Coulson, is the square photograph. Photographers need to start thinking in terms of square again as all of the major photo-sharing apps use that format rather than the traditional 3:2 ratio. The other thing that’s a consideration, said CC Chapman, is that virtually everything is seen as a thumbnail first. Compose your photographs to be appealing as a thumbnail or else people are less likely to click through on them.

Becky McCray urged everyone to consider an alternate definition of passive income when I asked about it in relation to small businesses developing multiple lines of income. In the Internet marketing world, passive income is any residual income from items that don’t need active marketing after a while. Marketing White Belt, for example, is a line of passive income for me because my book doesn’t need to be re-written to sell. It does need some marketing, but not much.

Becky’s definition is any line of business that doesn’t require your full attention. She owns and runs, for example, a cattle ranch, a liquor store, and a successful book. Her suggestion? Look at every model of business and decide if it can scale enough to have someone else operate it at a tactical level, requiring you only for strategic work. If so, you’ve got a business that can generate additional income without requiring your full attention. If not, then it’s a poor choice if you’re looking for passive income sources.

Chris Brogan, during his keynote, emphasized that were there to be a single secret of his success (there isn’t), the one thing he’d recommend everyone do is to respond to everyone as much as you possibly can. Share down instead of up, shining what attention you have on people who are new to the space and are seeking even the tiniest bit of acknowledgement that they exist.

Looking forward to more insights during Day 3. If you’re here, please say hello. I’ll be speaking at 11:30 AM on digital marketing ROI.

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