How to clean up audio from iPhone video interviews

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My friend and colleague Mark W. Schaefer shot a fun video with me at Blogworld NYC talking a bit more about influence. However (and no fault of his own), the iPhone he shot it on did a great job with the video and a lousy job with the audio. That’s the nature of the iPhone, unfortunately. Let’s look at how you can fix this with iMovie and the Levelator, a free package from The Conversations Network.

How to clean up audio from iPhone video interviews


We start by loading up the clip into the Timeline.

Next, we export using the Quicktime function as an AIFF sound file.

We run the Levelator on the sound file.

After it’s done, we go back to iMovie, select the clip, choose Detach Audio, and remove the original audio.

Now we drop the cleaned audio back onto the file exactly at the same place.

The movie is just about ready. To ensure final quality, we normalize the audio clip, then export it to the format of our choice. In this case, I’m going to send it back to Mark.

That’s it, in just a few steps, to get better sounding audio out of your video interviews shot on an iPhone.

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