Use analytics to find hidden content gems

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Every now and again, you have to phone it in. That’s the unpleasant truth of people with busy lives. It should ideally be highly infrequent, but if you’re busy, I guarantee it will happen. When you have to phone it in, one of the best things to do is find something of yours that’s high quality but probably got missed. For example, let’s say you’re assembling an email newsletter and you don’t have any content for the new issue for whatever reason. Let’s assume you still need to publish, so putting it off isn’t an option. What do you do?

I say look at your analytics. (there’s a huge surprise) Specifically, look at your analytics for periods when your content simply wasn’t resonating. Here’s the Site Content report in Google Analytics. Let’s see when my content simply wasn’t getting eyeballs:

Pages - Google Analytics

We see the end of May and around Thanksgiving of last year were especially unkind to the content, even though I was creating it. I was writing about whether or not you had a swipe file among other things, but I think a lot of people went on vacation that week – it was Memorial Day weekend.

Thus, I have content I can simply re-highlight: stuff that people missed because they weren’t around as much to read it. I’d be willing to wager the folks who did read it probably weren’t giving it a ton of attention either, as their thoughts were about the upcoming or actual holiday, too. From here, I can choose to re-highlight the content with a newsletter or feature it in social media, or perhaps revisit and rewrite it to improve it.

Opportunity is often where people aren’t – whether it’s blue ocean strategy in business or looking at your analytics and finding out when your content simply wasn’t popular. Look in your own analytics and see what hidden gems you can extract, polish up, and share.

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2 responses to “Use analytics to find hidden content gems”

  1. And now I’ve read your swipe file article.  Mission accomplished 😉

  2. yup hiddin content shows by the google analytics

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