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Last night 35 people joined me for a personal webinar (no sponsor, nothing to sell) on social media job search, using social media to find your next gig. We had a good time, lots of great questions, and I look forward to those folks who participated in new gigs fairly shortly. For those who attended, the slides are posted below. As I suspected and feared, MeetingBurner failed to record ANY of the audio, so it’ll be slides only for now.

I will likely be giving this presentation again in another 8-12 weeks, so if you missed it and want to attend, stay tuned to the blog.

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One response to “Social Media Job Search Presentation Slides”

  1. Steve Fisher Avatar
    Steve Fisher

    Chris, I was really looking forward to the presentation, but had to fix an issue at work. I will stay tuned but wanted you to be aware of interest from at least 1 party on a future presentation. I’ll take MeetingBurner off my list of potentials that I might use for online efforts. I’m a pro audio guy and take particular offense to their inability to perform in that arena.  Thanks for the slides.

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