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Over the weekend at PodCamp NH, I gave a presentation about marketing your podcast. One of the little tidbits in there was how to load your podcast to Facebook and Google+. The trick with both of these services is that they have in-content video players, but no audio players. There are obviously apps in Facebook’s case, but those aren’t helpful to you for people who don’t have those apps installed or aren’t browsing your page.

So how do you load up a podcast episode? Very straightforward: turn it into a video. Start with a still image that accurately reflects the podcast. In the example below, I used a photo of John Wall and me at the doughnut shop where we record Marketing Over Coffee.

Marketing Over Coffee

If you were really clever, you’d put some text on the photo such as calls to action or letting people know that it’s a video still and won’t be moving.

Drag and drop that photo into iMovie or the video editor of your choice. Adjust its duration to the maximum length allowed; for iMovie, that’s 10 minutes. Copy and paste as many times as you need until you’ve got enough “video” for the duration of your audio clip, then drop in your audio clip.


Once you’ve got everything lined up, render the project to a completed video file and upload to the respective services.

Christopher Penn - Google+

After the content is loaded, you’ll be able to have social conversations in-network about the audio, which is handy, especially if your own site doesn’t garner much in the way of comments or discussions.

Christopher Penn - Google+

Obviously, if you have actual video content, load that instead, but this is a fast and very simple way of getting your audio content into social networks using their default players.

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