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Have you had people ask you how to get started in digital marketing?

Are you working with social media practitioners who lack a firm grounding in the basics of marketing?

Marketing White Belt book coverI’m pleased to announce my first book, Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, is available right now in the Amazon store and at Barnes & Noble. Longtime readers of the blog will remember a short series by the same name. The book is an enhanced, edited version of that series plus new material, exercises for each of the concepts, and more.

My motivation for writing the book was noticing that a lot of people have found themselves in digital marketing roles with little or no marketing background at all. Believe me, I know – I speak from long, difficult experience. I came into Marketing via technology and had to teach myself everything from the ground up. I lived in the Portable MBA series for a while, took classes, etc. until I understood marketing as well as I understood technology. Much of what I found in standard university marketing classes (apologies to the schools I’ve attended) was unhelpful past a certain point, but there were a ton of basics that were and are relevant even in the digital age.

That’s what the book is. It’s not long – about 60 pages. It’s not a substitute for an MBA (though it’s a heck of a lot cheaper). It’s not magic fairy dust that will instantly change the world just by purchasing a copy and not reading it (believe me, if it was, I’d price it much, much higher). It’s a summation of the basics that I’ve learned, use, practice, and find valuable in my day to day work as both a practitioner and a teacher, stuff like Marketing Mix, SWOT, ROI, and more.

Many people in marketing roles today – social media practitioners, digital marketers, etc. – are coming into their roles without the basics. They’re coming in from equally valuable backgrounds in technology, PR, advertising, etc. and being thrown to the sharks, expected to sink or swim. This book is for you, a digital life preserver. (note that your Kindle/iPad/device does not in fact float, so don’t use it as a real lifesaver)

One warning about it: its value significantly diminishes if you don’t do the exercises in it. The exercises are simple, nothing requiring acrobatics or anything, but if you just passively read the book and don’t do them, you won’t get practice using the tools. It’s the difference between buying a hammer at the hardware store and then putting it in your basement versus buying the hammer and building something with it. You’ll be much better off if you actually use it. The same is true of the book.

I hope you enjoy the book, but more important, I hope the book provides value to you and makes you a better marketer in the digital age. Grab a copy here from Amazon for the Kindle Platform or for B&N and the Nook. If you find value in it, please tell a friend or colleague about it, or just buy them a copy and gift it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Al Pittampalli Avatar
    Al Pittampalli

    The new book sounds really interesting, Chris. Congratulations.

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