Have you had people ask you how to get started in digital marketing?

Are you working with social media practitioners who lack a firm grounding in the basics of marketing?

Do you sometimes wish you had the fundamentals of marketing at your fingertips?

Marketing White Belt book cover

Then grab a copy of Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer today.

What’s In It For You?

Many of the basics of digital marketing. My motivation for writing the book was noticing that a lot of people have found themselves in digital marketing roles with little or no marketing background at all. We come from social media or technology or fresh out of school and are expected to be full-fledged digital marketers, expected to be able to generate impressive results by managers who don’t fully understand marketing themselves.

This book gets you started on the path of marketing, introducing concepts, frameworks, and ideas that will help give you a solid foundation in the basics of marketing. In it, I cover the 4Ps, SWOT, Strategy, ROI, funnels, and many other basics in a tight, compact format that will help bring you or a colleague up to speed very quickly in the basics of marketing.

It’s everything you need to get someone started on marketing basics, while not being overly dense (and thus productivity-dampening). Each concept has a series of exercises that will let you test your knowledge and apply it to the business situations you’re facing at your company.

How to Get It:

I’ve consolidated into one file that offers PDF, MOBI for Amazon Kindle, and EPUB for Nook and iBooks, so you get all 3 formats with one purchase:

Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer

Don’t see the button above? Click here to buy. It’s also available on Amazon and BN online as well.

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