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Here’s a very simple experiment you should try if you’re promoting something via social media or other digital marketing channels.

Go to your Google Analytics. Go to Traffic Sources > Referring Sites. Look at the top 10.

Referring Sites - Google Analytics

How many of the referring sites in the top 10 are platforms you are actively promoting on?

Now ask yourself this:

How much effort would it take for #2 to become #1? What would you have to do differently? In my case, I should actually attempt posting to StumbleUpon more than once in a blue moon. It’s the dark horse in my mix that could move the needle if I actually tried. If I put the spurs to my activity on StumbleUpon, it’s very possible that with a minimal amount of effort, it could become my top referrer for traffic.

Next ask yourself this: what other sites or platforms could I make some use of that I’m not actively leveraging at all, but are still showing up in the top 10? For example, Chris Brogan sends me decent traffic even though I haven’t done a guest post for him in ages. It might be worth my time to ask if he wants one. Would one guest post move the needle from #7 to #6? To #3?

Last set of questions. Do you have goals and goal values turned on?

Referring Sites - Google Analytics

Look at the top 10 or 25 referring sites. Look for the outliers that are pouring cash into your wallet right now. Are you promoting on them or are they profitable dark horses? Or are you inappropriately focusing your time on sites that deliver traffic but no real business value? How much would you move the needle if you added a little more juice to the big dollar converters that are in your referring sites report?

Everything you need to understand what’s moving the needle for you and your business is already in your Google Analytics. The opportunities are in there. Go find them!

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