The Top 10 Posts You Liked This Year

I am always shocked and honored to see so many people enjoying what I’ve had to share over the years. This year was no different, and I want to thank you by taking a look at what YOU thought were the most important posts on my blog this year.

The data, of course, is derived from Google Analytics. If you want to make your own Top 10 list, go read this post on Marketing Over Coffee. Sure, other posts from other years were more popular, but here’s what’s been the top of your list this year:

10. Top 10 Follow Friday Tips for Twitter, April 3

9. I was on a boat called PAB09, June 22

8. Will social media burn conferences to the ground?, July 2

7. Advanced Social Media Course is live!, November 4

6. What’s all the stuff in the early morning tweet about?, February 5

5. 5 tips for dominating local search, July 27

4. In your last hour, what would you write?, September 11

3. Arguing against your limitations, August 11

2. How to back up your WordPress blog in 60 seconds, May 16

1. Turning your Kindle into the best newsstand ever, May 4

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The Top 10 Posts You Liked This Year 1 The Top 10 Posts You Liked This Year 2 The Top 10 Posts You Liked This Year 3

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